#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards 2017

I feel blessed to have been nominated for the #SummerIndieBookAwards there are so many wonderful Indie Authors out there today writing something for everyone. If you have read some of the books nominated why not show your support and give them your vote. Voting ends soon on Monday 11th September 2017 at midnight. You can vote daily too so what are you waiting for. Check out the full post below or pop into Indie Book Banter and check out each genre individually. Happy Voting 🙂

Indie Book Banter

2017 SIBA image

Great News some of our lovely #IndieFriends have been nominated for the 2017 Summer Indie Book Awards set up by the wonderful team at Metamorph Publishing.

170708 SIBA Indie Friends

Voting is now open. Here are the categories and their voting links. You can vote for multiple books in each genre category, as long as you do it on the same visit. You may ONLYlog in one visit per genre per day.

Anthology https://goo.gl/ANRTlU
Biography https://goo.gl/7K7wcV
Children’s https://goo.gl/jeaB6v
Contemporary https://goo.gl/m57r61
Crime https://goo.gl/lwjy3G
Diversity https://goo.gl/CK1s7U
Dystopian https://goo.gl/7e22am
Erotica https://goo.gl/yAF8u7
Fantasy https://goo.gl/NP2b9S
Historical https://goo.gl/Yo5ad6
Horror https://goo.gl/ZVi5Uq
Holiday https://goo.gl/WwBkXN
Humor https://goo.gl/SSh53l
Mystery https://goo.gl/iVL3uI
New Adult https://goo.gl/TDxVX3
Novella https://goo.gl/g6A1ON
Paranormal https://goo.gl/JLWnKt
Poetry https://goo.gl/ULyPNo
Romance https://goo.gl/xqM6iE
Science Fiction https://goo.gl/958HYJ
Self-Help https://goo.gl/cyiaHb
Short Story https://goo.gl/EhANIJ
Thriller https://goo.gl/ToiMEQ
Time Travel https://goo.gl/RppAA0
Young Adult https://goo.gl/CdvPmW

For the rules of the awards visit Metamorph Publishing click HERE

We wish all the nominee’s the best of luck. Please go and show your support.

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Essential tips for authors at a book-signing convention or lit fest #indieauthors

Had an absolutely A~MAZ~ING time at the #UKIndieLitFest FREE book event in Bradford check out Helena’s experience

Helena Fairfax

Last month the UK Indie Lit Fest took place in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the north of England. This author convention was a free event, with over 40 indie authors attending. The event included writing classes, author readings, activities for children, and the chance for readers to talk to best-selling authors around the world via scheduled Skype calls. The author convention was well attended, it was brilliant to meet so many other authors and readers, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day!

On October 27th-29th, the world-renowned LoveNVegas author convention is taking place at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. So, Las Vegas is a long way from Bradford – in every way! – and the US is far ahead of the UK in the size and organisation of this type of author event. Romance authors and readers in particular have massive conventions in America compared to ours here. But no matter…

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Inspiration behind ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ Part 2

TMGT Book cover


Clock chapter divider

The Clock

1660-1680 was the time the longcase clock reached near perfection. It bore a newly designed anchor escapement believed to have been designed by Gulielmus (William) Clement of London in the year 1671, thus giving the clock more accuracy.

Some believe he is also the creator of the longcase that housed the longer pendulum.  The real William Clement is also credited with building ‘The Turret Clock’ for Kings College Cambridge in 1671 for which he was handsomely paid £42. The clock is now housed in the Science Museum, London.

Turret Clock

Here is an image of the top part of one of the Clement Clocks

c1965 Gulielmus Clement clock

This is where the magic was woven from. The story of the Clement family stems fictionally from Gulielmus (William) Clement.

Clock chapter divider

Quote from the book ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time.’

A big brass face, once bright and gleaming, barely shimmers as his long, black hands rotate slow, but sure. The intricately carved, flame mahogany long-case, was a warm golden reddish brown a year ago. Now dull, and softly muted by the accumulation of dust, it still wraps protectively around the golden pendulum heart.

Clock chapter divider

If you missed the first part of ‘Inspiration behind ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ Click HERE to go check it out.

Part 3 will follow soon, and will give a little insight into the characters from the story.

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‘Battle of the Wind’ a poem by Rose English

Battle of the Wind

Battle of the Wind

War torn and battered,
Our soldiers are paraded
For all to see.
Tall and skeletal.

Worn down by the ‘Battle of the Wind’,
Deciduous soldiers seen
In faded uniforms of russet and gold.
While unscathed Officers
Are still adorned in coniferous finery.

Regiments can be seen lined up along roadways,
Or converging upon hills.

Sometimes a lone deciduous warrior,
Stripped of his uniform,
Can be glimpsed –
Struggling to hold his stance
In a vast sea of green.

These are our mighty British Warriors.
They will live through time and season,
Only to be regaled in new finery come spring.
To stand proud and tall
Amongst their regiments,
In true readiness once again
For the ‘Battle of the Wind’.

Copyright © 2016 Rose English


This is one of my most inspired poems. The first one I published online, although I cannot for the life of me find it now. I suppose with so many wonderful writers out there it is very easily lost, tangled up in the world wide web.

It is available along with other poems and short stories in my full colour book ‘Rainbows & Roses ~ Poetry & Prose.’

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Inspiration behind ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ Part 1

During a recent blog interview I was asked about what inspires me to write, and I gave the example of ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ which came about after I won 1st prize in a seasonal short story competition with my entry ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’.

TMGT Book cover

Clock chapter divider

Original Inspiration

I was originally inspired to write this story when I became interested in how the ‘Grandfather Clock’ got its name.

In my local library I found a wonderful book and the quote that stands out for me is this:

‘A grandfather clock has a face and a voice. As its name suggests, it is more than a piece of furniture; it is a member of the family’
Richard C.R. Barder 1983

(The book was ‘English Country Grandfather Clocks’)

Clock chapter divider

After a great deal more research both through books and websites I discovered a fascinating song. ‘Grandfather’s Clock’ written by Henry Clay Work, an American who had heard an intriguing story in 1874 whilst visiting ‘The George Hotel’ in Piercebridge, North Yorkshire, England. To read this story click the image below :-

Grandfather Clock Inspiration

Clock chapter divider


Clock chapter divider

My favourite version of the song is by Tom Roush

Clock chapter divider

Well I don’t know if you are aware, but I am a Read-a-holic so one tiny little bit of information lead to a whole lot more. The Victorian Era is one of my favourites, so for the rest of the story I dipped in and out of the library and tangled myself further in the web.

Now I do not wish to bore you all in one go, so I have decided to share where I took my inspiration from, for ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ over several parts.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I would love to hear your comments and if you enjoyed it come back soon for Part 2.

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Happy Reading