About Rose English


Rose English, author

Living on ‘England’s Green & Pleasant Land’, amongst the gentle rolling hills, of the Herefordshire Countryside, Rose’s house is wall to wall books. She even has a ‘leaning tower of paperbacks’.


Rose is a dreamer, preferring a simple & quiet life. Often spending time alone, although never lonely, being ever surrounded by great characters, when lost in a good book. She loves theatre and the arts, adoring live performances on stage. Rose has very eclectic tastes.

Working as a school librarian, and sharing her love of books with children, was the best job she ever had. However, life moves on and another chapter was only a page turn away.

Now working in an entirely different library, in Hereford’s Wye Valley NHS Trust Hospital, Rose spends her day cleaning and issuing ‘Medical Equipment’.

She writes as a hobby, but after winning ‘First Prize’ for a short story in December 2014, she is inspired to write more.

Currently working on several projects, mainly a sequel to Young Ebenezer for younger readers and those of us who are young at heart. She has for sometime now also been working on an anthology of ‘Shoe Shorts‘ stories based around shoes that she collects. Plus a new version of ‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’.

Watch this space 🙂

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9 thoughts on “About Rose English

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  3. Hello – I think I’ve tracked you down as the author of a lovely new Amazon review of my novel “The Magic Carpet”. Always such a pleasure to find a review like that and very glad somebody who has worked in schools found it rings true! I spend half my time in Malvern so we are not far from you and for some reason that makes it even more pleasing. Thank you.

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