New Release ‘Seal Mother Retold’

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Seal Mother Retold by Rose English

This new book has been a long time in coming. Seal Mother is the re-telling of a Selkie folktale many cultures have versions of the story of the seal maiden who comes onto the land, sheds her skin and takes on a human form. This is my original story and the one that inspired the children’s book ‘Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse’.

‘Seal Maiden: a Celtic Musical’

Thank you to Karan Casey & Friends for permission to use snippets from the beautiful album ‘Seal Maiden: a Celtic Musical’

My favourite ‘The Seasons’ is composed by Ger Wolfe with vocals by Karan.

The Silkie Song’ vocals again by Karan Casey

‘Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse’

To celebrate the release of ‘Seal Mother Retold’ the children’s book is FREE to download for two days. Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2019. The beautiful illustrations were created by a young artist in the US – Hannah Ryan. See the samples below.

191005 Seal Mother FREE 05

The seal watches over
the child on the sand.
Her lovely young daughter
born of the land.
The girl sits on a rock
with her feet in the water,
Not yet aware
she’s the pretty seal’s daughter.

191005 Seal Mother FREE 08


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