Roses and Dreams Events

Below are the links for Book Events at which Rose English & Maria Gibbs

will be appearing as Roses & Dreams

191005 Morley R&D

Morley Indie Book Fair LS27 9BX

Rose English UK Author & Maria Gibbs Author next FREE #BookEvent will be #MorleyIndieBookFair

Saturday 5th October 2019 🌹📚📖

UK Indie Lit Fest 2019 FREE Book Event

2019 Lit FestTo be held in Kala Sangam Bradford

Saturday 27th July 2019


UK Indie Lit Fest 2018

180218 UKIndieLit.png

Click the logo to go visit the webpage

lit fest

Book Lovers go check out our new page coming soon

On Wednesday 10th January 2018 we are launching our NEW Facebook Page come join us for fun, games and giveaways. Tell your bookish friends click the image below to go sign up.

Page Launch 02

Well the whole month of December saw us hosting a Christmas Party on Facebook and the first ever #WorldBookovision with 30 Indie Authors taking part. It was interesting but we need to change a few things for next time. If you would like to see the books that were nominated click HERE. The links below the images on Pinterest will take you to the 1,000 word teasers. Happy Reading.

Roses & Dreams Merry Christmas

Check out our Healthy Option Advent Calendar for Book Lovers

Click the image to go and open the doors

Advent Calendar Image


The whole of December 2017

02 World Bookovision FB

Online Facebook Party

Click HERE



Forthcoming Event Morley Indie Book Fair 2017

Our NEXT event as ‘Roses & Dreams’ is in Morley, Leeds

Hope you can drop by and say Hi!

Instagram posts.png

Saturday 26th August 2017

170801 Twitter Header


This event will take place in Central Bradford West Yorkshire

We will be there as Roses & Dreams

Roses & Dreams

FREE ENTRY to Readers & Book Lovers

To find out more visit the website HERE

Or click on the ticket image below to grab your own ticket, which doubles up as your FREE entry into our prize draw to win a signed book from an attending author or poet.

UK Indie Lit Fest ticket

Follow on Twitter & Facebook click on the images to open a new pages


00UKIndieLit Summer Reading


Just a small sample of some of the books available at the event

Hope to see you there, Happy Reading.

Pink Rose

West Midlands Valentine’s Book Signing & 1940’s Ball

A fun event, we met lots of wonderful new authors and old friends.


Both I and Maria Gibbs attended as ‘Roses & Dreams’


The Event was held HERE Saturday 4th February 2017

Casey’s Venues, Cordingley Hall, Telford, TF2 8JS




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pink Rose

Celebrate Christmas with Roses and Dreams

Visit Facebook on Sunday 18th December 2016 for the 2nd Online Christmas Party

Roses & Dreams Christmas

Click HERE to visit the page

Check in daily to meet new authors and see  books that span all genre.

When it comes to Party Time there will be fun, games and giveaways

Miss it, and miss out.

Pink Rose

About Roses & Dreams

Roses & Dreams

A collaboration between two authors who met on Social Media sharing a love of reading and writing. Both starting out writing short stories. Rose English (Roses naturally) and Maria Gibbs (Dreams). The ladies joined forces to share a table for their first book signing event ‘UK Indie Lit Fest 2016’ in Bradford. They sold very few books but made a great many new author friends.

Meet Maria Gibbs

Maria Gibbs

In her own words.

I think I was about eight years old when I knew I wanted to be an author. I would tap away on an old typewriter; I was excited beyond belief when I got a new one for a birthday. I devoured books, head continually buried inside. Enid Blyton at that time was the most inspiring of authors as she took me away from my world and placed me into the ones she’d created. (The authors, that inspire me now can be found in the main menu bar.)

I wrote whenever I could, at school in break-time and any creative writing tasks in English were my personal Utopia. I even used to read my stories aloud to whoever would listen. I discovered that I too could create worlds to escape to of my own making. That was a powerful discovery, a drug, an addiction to which I have no intention of curing at rehab!

Life got in the way as it inevitably does. I have a son who has a learning disability and very complex behavioural needs. For many years, he had to be my main focus. Eventually, I was able to start thinking about writing again, and I threw myself into it with a vengeance.

“As Dream Are Made on” is the first short story I have in the public domain, followed up by “A Lifetime or a Season” and then “The Storm Creature.” which is not only available on its own but as part of an anthology. I do, however, have a number of short stories, novellas and novels in the pipeline at varying stages of completion that I am very excited about. I hope to be able to publish them soon. I hope you will read and enjoy doing as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

The actual act of writing is a very solitary experience, but there is nothing more satisfying than when you have poured every part of yourself into your writing, and you are left drained, but euphoric. I will never forget the look on the face of an overly confident, good-looking guy I met on holiday. I was in the middle of a really good writing session, the words were flowing faster than my pen could write, I was desperate to get it all down on paper before it was lost. He interrupted that flow as he sought to engage me with his rather cheesy chat up lines. It was inevitable…I chose my writing over him. What can I say other than the urge to write is strong and I am but a willing slave.

Maria Gibbs WordPress

To find out more about Maria visit her web page click HERE


Another BookLaunch page

Welcome to Seasonal, Sweet, and Suspenseful, a collection of holiday, romance, and mystery short stories from writers across the world. These shorts each offer a distinct experience and create a powerful emotion, whether it is nostalgia, passion, hope, or fear. The voice of each writer is distinct and unique, creating a mosaic of stories united in themes but varying in styles. It is our hope that you enjoy this anthology and find something within it that speaks to you.

I have been blessed to have had my little short story published in this anthology

‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’

But it’s worth checking out some of the remarkable authors of the other short stories

141226 Amazon Image small

Seasonal Anthology

Happy Reading 🙂

Finally I managed to create my first YouTube Book Trailer hope you like it.

Click the link below

OK so the last attempt didn’ t go so well, now let me see if I can get it right this time.

Pink Rose

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  1. Hello thanks for dropping by hotcha1. It has, if I am honest been a little while since I came to the blog myself. My full time job is currently manic and I have had little time to do much writing or editing. I have approved your request so hopefully you will receive any new information that I publish.

    Thanks for visiting
    Kindest Regards Rose


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