The supernatural story of the Blue Men of the Scottish sea @MarieLaval1

I really love old folklore expecially selkies and merfolk, this is a wonderful blog I urge you go check it out 🙂

Helena Fairfax

It’s a great please to welcome romance author, friend and fellow Romantic Novelists’ Association member Marie Laval today. I got to know Marie through my first novel, The Silk Romance, which is set in Lyon, which is where Marie comes from. I first interviewed Marie here on my blog almost five years ago, and since then we have become good friends. 

Marie’s wonderful historical romance, Dancing for the Devil, has jut been re-released and she’s here today to tell us some of the supernatural history behind the Scottish setting.

Bienvenue, Marie!

The Blue Men of the Minch: Traditional Folk Tales from Scotland

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

I really enjoyed reading tales and legends from Scotland whilst researching for my historical romance DANCING FOR THE DEVIL, which is mostly set in the far north of the Highlands, and which has just been re-released by Áccent Press.

My heroine’s first experience…

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