WIP ‘One Night in Fabulous Shoes’ teaser


One Night smallest

One Night in Fabulous Shoes

Generally I am a wallflower, I rarely get asked to dance other than with the elderly gents who seem to take it upon themselves to make sure each lovely lady has at least one dance on the grand ballroom floor, during the special ‘Ladies Night’ event. It is the opportunity for ‘a knees up’ in the old fashioned way with men in their formal attire with black tie and the ladies in elegant ball gowns.

I had been thinking of giving the event a miss this year, but I simply adore the old traditions and all too soon many of them are being lost and forgotten.  So I had an idea, I would set myself one day of shopping and if no ball gown was found, that I loved, then I would decline this year. Well you probably guessed, I did find that gown hence why would I be sitting here playing wallflower?

The shoes came first, the ones that drew me in had centre stage in the store window, high atop a pedestal that looked like it should have been holding scrumptious cakes. The store lighting was harsh but it shone down upon those shoes causing a thousand jewels to glitter and glimmer around all the other displays. For me it was love at first glance. . .

At the Ball

It is very rare for single males to grace the event but there was ‘something in the air tonight’ (“Oh lord”, sorry bit of Genesis popped into my head then) or maybe it was the glass or three of red I had consumed whilst toasting ‘His Worshipful Master’ hic!

Suddenly I had a ‘Westside Story’ moment, the music slowed and the dancefloor cleared. Across the room was a pure vision of gentlemanliness. Yes, tall dark and most certainly handsome, he seemed to be wearing some type of dress uniform; very dapper (I can use that word as we are currently at an old fashioned event and etiquette allows me to use it).

After the Event

As dawn crept across the land the birds were singing outside in the golden autumnal trees, the sun was glinting off my fabulous silver shoes.    All of a sudden the memories flooded back, I closed my eyes and imagined being once again in his arms. . .      but had it simply been a beautiful dream?

Col shoes 01

So that was a little teaser from just one of my WIPs (work in progress) this was inspired by a big home clear out. I discovered I had 50 pairs of shoes and thought ‘What can I do with that many shoes’ so besides giving many away to charity I began to write some short stories inspired by each pair. The above was inspired by these beauties below


Watch this space for more news and up dates on this WIP. Thanks for dropping by.

I have been checking out other blogs and noticed some people have set Wednesday as their WIP share day and I might just take up this idea myself. Click HERE to check out Bryn’s Blog.

Happy Reading




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