Inspiration behind ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ Part 1

This month, over on Instagram we are doing an August Challenge called the #WriterFriendsChallenge A lot of the challenge is to do with your writing motivation and inspiration. My current work in progress (when I can grab a spare five minutes) is Book Three in the ‘Young Ebenezer’ series. However, it all started here with ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ back in August 2017. Check it out and Happy Reading Rose English ~~~<<@

Rose English UK

During a recent blog interview I was asked about what inspires me to write, and I gave the example of ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ which came about after I won 1st prize in a seasonal short story competition with my entry ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’.

TMGT Book cover

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Original Inspiration

I was originally inspired to write this story when I became interested in how the ‘Grandfather Clock’ got its name.

In my local library I found a wonderful book and the quote that stands out for me is this:

‘A grandfather clock has a face and a voice. As its name suggests, it is more than a piece of furniture; it is a member of the family’
Richard C.R. Barder 1983

(The book was ‘English Country Grandfather Clocks’)

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After a great deal more research both through books and websites I discovered a fascinating song. ‘Grandfather’s Clock’ written by Henry Clay Work…

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Calling Writers of Fiction – Novella Competition 2020

2020 Novella Comp.

Novella Fiction Competition 2020

Are you an aspiring writer or an indie author looking for a publishing contract? If so, the Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020 is ‘right up your street’.

Simply write a 20K to 30K word story, in any genre and about anything you want, and enter the Novella Fiction Prize.

Entry is just £10.00 GBP, (via official entry form) and the winning authors will have their manuscripts published as Novellas.

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First Place – a full paperback publishing package. 

Second and third places – published as eBooks.

Also associated prizes; professional cover designs, marketing packages and author assist support, media interviews and more.

The Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020 is an international literary competition for emerging writers and indie authors.

Submissions are encouraged from all literary fictional genres with no restrictions on theme or subject.

The emphasis of the judging will be on ambitious, imaginative and innovative approaches which explore and expand creative writing.

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#NaNoWriMo2017 Day 3

2,872 Words on Day 03

Hello friends well today I was on a bit of a roll. However, I completely changed the story I was working on. It is still the same book series but a totally different story.

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Blown in on a Summer Breeze cover

Blown in on a Summer Breeze (on hold)

Here is the very bare bones of the story my unedited version written this evening so please excuse any spelling mistakes and poor grammer

TMGT Daisy Chain Crown

The Daisy Chain Crown

Twins girls Sara & Mattie, only 8yrs old when Mattie disappears.

Throughout the passing seasons Sara has occasionally sensed Mattie’s presence in the loft library. Winter has wrapped Clement cottage in its glistening white gown. The powdered meadow rolls away from the house to the edge of the distant woods with its tall skeletal trees frosted in a sugar coating of snow. Father saved her from the snow storm last year she had been enticed outside into the chilling icy weather by the giggling laughter of Mattie. The same was happening again.

Grandfather time chimed and a few soft stray snowflakes found their way inside the loft. A little dance commenced and a gentle iced breeze brushed Sara’s cheek.

‘Woof, woof.’

Sara turned her head in the direction of the patio doors she thought she saw a glimpse of red golden fur. Was there a puppy out there, she pondered? Her book was put aside and she stood to go over and check it out for herself.

With her little button nose pressed to the cold glass, Sara’s eyes roamed over the pure undisturbed snow that lay like a thick fluffy blanket over their small garden. The glass barrier was clear hence her being able to see to the forest that was their homes boundary. There was no doggy in sight so Sara pulled her jumper back over her head and turned to face the inner sanctuary.

However, just as she was becoming settled the dogs barking began again, this time as she dashed over to the window she still saw no dog but what she did see were small doggie footprints. These she spied heading towards the wide open steps that led down to the side of the meadow. Because the girls had often used this entry outside when they wanted to go play, each had had a coat hung up on the hook by the side of the big glass doors.

Sara pulled down her thick red winter coat trimmed off with black fur; she slipped nimbly into it and put on black matching mittens and a small black furry hat along with her fur lined boots. The cold silver key was turned in the lock of the patio doors and she was free to step outside and try to find the stray dog, for what else could it be.

Closing the door behind her the cold chill hit instantly putting a rosy glow upon her cheeks.

‘Woof, Woof’ she heard not too far away.

Then when she had reached the top of the steps she glanced down and saw a flash of red golden fur excitedly running around in circles. Sara rushed to join the little dog in its play and as she stepped onto the top step she slipped and only saved herself by grabbing hold of the low rail father had fitted especially for tiny arms to reach easily.

A small giggle escaped her lips and with a little more ease she gently walked down the steps to the edge of the meadow.

‘Woof, woof.’ The little dog cried as it reached forward its head to be gently nuzzling into the leg of Sara.

After a short-time, the pup settled and Sara was able to catch it by the collar and read the heart shaped disc linked to the soft leather.

‘Miss Ruby Heart.’ Sara said picking out the letters. What a beautiful name it sounds rather posh. Where have you come from Miss Ruby Heart?

The little dog looked up at Sara then back toward the cottage, now over three times the size of the original, that is incorporated in the front of the house.

‘No silly puppy, you did not come from my house. Or are you trying to tell me you want to come live with me in the cottage?

She seemed to nod her head then turned it to look out toward the lake, which was frozen and glistened.

Wait; was someone out on the ice?

Sara petted the dog once more then addressing the creature said

‘Look Ruby Heart, someone is enjoying the ice-skating.’

A gentle slope meandered down along the bank to the lake. Before it was a bench shaded usually by a single cherry blossom tree, now its bare bones revealed its skeletal form. Sara could just about make out something upon the bench a hint of a silver blade but mostly white. As she got nearer she realised it was a pair of ice-skates. She scanned the area seeking out the owner; the only people in sight were a couple out on the very distant side of the frozen water.

Ruby Heart headed in front of Sara almost seemingly leading her to the bench. When she got there she sat down in the snowy powder which littered the ground. Her little head a golden halo of red fur she turned her eyes upon Sara.

With her gloved hand Sara brushed the loose snow from the seat, and then gently placed her bottom down. Her eyes took in the beautiful antique ice-skates, she took off one damp mit to stroke the  soft white leather and slipped her finger over the sharp shiny new silver blade.

Without warning a figure appeared and seated herself down on the bench next to her.  Sara’s breath caught in her mouth and she reached out and took hold of her sister. Sara had no thought for the attire Mattie was dressed in, which happened to be dungarees, the precise same ones she had disappeared in.

‘Oh Mattie I have missed you so much.’

A happy tear slipped over her bottom lash, and gently slipped down her cheek. It seemed an age since they clung to each other. If not for a persistent little dog they may have sat together like this for the rest of the day. But Sara knew how easily her sister was distracted and they moved on.

Happy Reading & Writing

Ruby Heart



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