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Work In Progress ‘Shoe Shorts’


Hello, so I thought it was about time I brought you up to date. I did start another website, unfortunately the costs to renew were way too high and they shut me down. As I was posting there and not here you lovely people may have missed out. So please forgive me.

In November I took part in the NaNoWriMo Challenge, to write a 50,000 word story in one month. I just about scraped through but the basis of the project was a collection of short stories based on or inspired by shoes that I own (or did).

The idea came to me after spotting some beautiful tempting book covers by my lovely graphic designer friend JC Clarke. Check out her Etsy Shop by clicking HERE.

The image at the top of the page was just one such cover, I bought a set of 3.

I had it in my head to call the book something like ‘The Life of Shoes’ (or Su’s Shoe Shorts) but then I saw the lovely image above and started writing my first short story, I decided to add the words Fabulous Shoes and there was the title. ‘One Night in Fabulous Shoes’

I came out with some weird and wacky ideas over that month so come back and visit again to see how the work progresses.

Thanks for dropping by. Oh by the way here is just a small selection of my shoes. Enjoy.

Pink Rose




Work In Progress (WIP) ‘Rainbows & Roses’

Happy Monday

My current W.I.P. is a book of Poetry & Prose, I hope to get it printed in time for the first UK Indie Literary Festival being held in Bradford, UK in July 2016. There are some wonderful Indie Authors appearing and I would say there will probably be something there for everyone. The authors write across most genre. Click UK Indie Lit Fest above to be taken to their web page.

So back to my WIP the book will consist of a couple of my short stories the main feature being ‘One Breath ~ A Short Story’ I won second prize for in ‘The Daily Bookworm’ competition 2014. It is available as a download but I want to have it available in a print format too. Here is a little teaser from ‘One ~ Breath’

Short story,


Also a sample of my poetry I hope it makes you smile?

poetry #WIP #smile

For more up dates and blogs check out Gillari Books

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Fondest Regards

Rose English

Pink Rose

Day 25 #NaNoWriMo Handwritten notes again

So whilst I have been sitting in bed reading I have also been making notes for a short story to go into ‘Rainbows & Roses ~ Poetry & Prose’

‘Rosetta’s Story’

Rosetta Hubble is a key character in my extended version of ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ she is a wonderful young woman her role is to take care of Cornelia (Cee Cee) when she is a child. Rosetta is the nursemaid.

Born in 1835 Rosie was brought up in a family of strong women, she particularly liked to help out her aunt Martha who was the village nurse and midwife. At a very young age she leaves home to go to the big city to work in one of the new hospitals as a nurse. Already highly skilled Rosie learns quickly and shines bright among the other nurses who are much older.

In my story Rosie goes to the Crimea with Florence Nightingale (although in reality no young nurses were allowed but this is a story of fiction and magic with a little background history thrown in the mix). She is only 19yrs old but a real asset.

For the story, I am doing also some background research taking notes from the diaries of the nuns who also went along with Miss Nightingale. Conditions were terrible and more soldiers died in the filthy disease riddled hospital at Scutari than they did on the battlefield.

NaNoWriMoThis is an old image of the hospital at Scutari where Florence Nightingale and her nurses were sent.

Well I still have a very long way to go by the end of the month but hopefully will get more done at the weekend. Fingers crossed I so want to get to 50,000 words.

My current total stands at

29,741 NaNoWriMo words approx.

Thanks for dropping by Happy Reading & Writing 🙂

Day 15 #NaNoWriMo Last Years NaNo Paid Off, eBook Published

Happy Sunday

NaNoWriMo, Christmas


Well I have GREAT NEWS my little Seasonal Short Story ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ is now LIVE as an eBook. It was my last years NaNoWriMo Project that has now come to fruition. I feel so bless to have so many friends online who have encouraged me all the way. Thank You One and All.

The eBook is available to download from Amazon. Click the links above.

Once again the biggest thank you to JC Clarke for the A-MAZ-ING Book Cover. Such a star 🙂

Thank You JC Clarke

Find out more about JC Clarke on Facebook Click Here

NaNoWriMo Christmas

Thank you one and all, my avid followers. Your support has been very encouraging. Now, next week I can concentrate on the second book in the series ‘The Daisy Chain Crown’ to be published in the New Year by Gillari Books.

NaNoWriMo, Gillari Books

Oh & my current NaNoWriMo total now stands at 23,917 words

Happy Reading & Writing

Rose English 🙂

A little bit of ‘Deconstruction’

Good day to you all, & Happy Thursday

So today I have a day off and set myself the task of a little bit of ‘Deconstruction’, no I am not knocking down any walls or doing any home DIY just a little bit of editing to my Christmas book ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’. Last Year my short story won 1st prize in a little competition and was featured in ‘Seasonal, Sweet & Suspenseful’. Click the image to find out more.


This year I am able to publish it as a short story all on it’s own, and I want to include an introduction to my main character ‘Grandfather Time’ in preparation for my 1st full length novel ‘The Coldest Winter’ – ‘Book 1 in The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’.

Grandfather Time, Magic, FantasyThis was my original idea for a cover.

Well the editing will not get done whilst I am playing on Social Media so I best get to it, wish me luck.


Have a good day Happy Reading & Writing 🙂

Day 19 #CampNaNoWriMo

Hello Campers & Friends

Well I missed out a couple of typing days, although I did write a little by hand. Wednesday I stopped because the story was sad and I kept on crying. I have hit the same hurdle today. 500 words then sobbing my heart out.

So even though the story is not advancing, I feel good because the story has moved me to tears, its very heartfelt. Maybe I’ll finish a little more later, when I’m calmer?

This is my teaser for the day from ‘The Birth of Grandfather Time’


“Bo-ing, Bo-ing”


On the half hour, the first 30 minutes of the New Year, and the New Century, a sad mournful chiming could be heard from the parlour. The new baby boy, William Junior was suckling at his mother’s breast. The midwife and girls had cleared up and tidied the room to welcome the new father.

“Where is the man?” said the midwife, “I expected him to come rushing in”

“Well he’s not as young as he used to be” Patience commented, whilst smiling down upon her new child, a beautiful and much longed for son. The pain already pushed from her mind and a lightness filling her, even though still exhausted, she seemed to have gained a new lease of life, a new strength.

“Go Milli, bring your father”

The youngest girl ran from the room, sprinting down the stairs all the while shouting excitedly.

“Father, father, come where are you father? Come see you have a son.”



“Bo-ing, bo-ing, bo-ing”


A strange mournful pealing of bells rang out, a constant but sombre melody, it was coming from the parlour. Soft candlelight was pooling weakly beneath the door. Knocking excitedly Milli entered the room.

“Father, come look”

Flinging open the heavy door and with hand still upon the brass door knob, Milli stopped in her tracks, a dark broken shadow was cast upon the wall. The fire was mere embers and there was the most beautiful but gentle sad melody filling the room.


William was seated at the table; he was facing the most beautiful rose gold, longcase clock Milli had ever seen, its large brass face illuminated by the tall church candle by its side. This was the source of the sad ringing bells.

No one had been allowed into the parlour whilst William worked upon his special creation. He wanted the clock to be a surprise for them all.

“Oh, father it’s so very beautiful, the best you have ever built.”

She took a step closer to the table.


But he didn’t turn and there was no reply, she reached out to touch her father’s shoulder.






One last chime and suddenly the gentle tolling came to an abrupt stop. The quiet darkness enveloped father and daughter. A mere graze of the child’s hand and William slowly fell forward upon the table.

“Father, father?”

Milli shook him gently, she reached forward and took his face in her small hands, but he was still and very cold. She was not as stupid girl; she knew her father was dead. Tears filled her eyes, as she gently laid his head sideways upon his arm as if he were sleeping. It was then that she noticed a hint of a smile on his lips, perhaps he had heard that the child was a son, the midwife had sure shouted it loud enough. A soft kiss was deposited gently upon William’s forehead; the child took a few backward steps and whispered

“Goodbye father, god bless and may the angels keep you safe and warm”.

So there you have it, did it make you cry too? Please spare a little moment of your time to answer this little poll. Thank you 🙂

‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’

Helloooo dear followers

I have decided to put my full length novel ‘Coldest Winter – A Magic of Grandfather Time’ novel on hold on account that I broke my right wrist and getting frustrated because I cannot write or type well left handed. 😦

My new project is to create & publish, in paperback ‘Rainbows & Roses – Poetry & Prose’ to feature my kindle short ‘One Breath’. I am going to post here & on my website.


Today (it took me hours) I created a little video of one of the poems I will feature. Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated 🙂