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The #IndieRoarChallenge 2015

IndieRoar 2015

The Indie Roar Challenge 1st June – 10th June 2015

#IndieRoar Challenge  #IndieBooksBeSeen

30+ authors & around 60 books on offer

#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 1  

Easy Peasy. Tell us what #Indie book you’re #Currentlyreading right now 2015. #IndieRoar

Witch Hunter 01

Oh, and don’t forget to include the #IndieRoar hashtag so we can see your entry!

And yes, this challenge is easy!  But know that it’s the easiest one you’re going to get! We’re going to start hitting higher octane levels from here on out. 🙂

I was reading ‘The Shadow Rises’ Book 1 in the Witch-Hunter Series by K.S. Marsden


#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 2

Tweet a pic of the actor/actress you would like to portray your fave Indie book character! #IndieRoar

Rupert Friend

First, figure out your favorite Indie book character (for a stand-alone, or a series).  Second, choose which real-world actress, or actor should portray your favorite character if the book was turned into a movie.   Hmmm…right?! So many choices!  So, many folks to choose from!  And, which pic of them to tweet out?  You never know, maybe you want the actor the way they looked say, 10, 20 – ahem – 30 years ago? J
Only YOU can decide!

Sparkle, tweet and ROAR!

Rupert Friend to play the dashing English Gent, Hunter from ‘Shadow Rises by KS Marsden


#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 3!

Tweet a memorable line for an Indie book you’ve read. #IndieRoar

Wowsers! What a tweet-erific day yesterday! You guys are super creative! Hollywood could use some of you fab casting directors! You guys tweeted pics of Selena Gomez, Micheal Ealy, Matthew McConaughey, Chris & Liam Hemsworth, Rihanna, Helen Mirren, Glenn Close, Kate Beckinsale and many many more!

Today’s challenge is to dig a bit deeper and tweet the sentence you absolutely LOVE from an Indie book you’ve read. It can be a sentence you love, or hate. A sentence that moved you, or made you mad.  In essence, it has to be a sentence that polarized you one way or another!

“I did not lay a hand on her, and yet her soul floated free above her body. It hung there, a beautiful shade of shimmering rose gold; an old soul in a young body”

From ‘Wings of Darkness’ by Sherri A. Wingler

 #IndieRoar Challenge – Day 4!

2015 Old Indie Roar

This Challenge I believe was to share a picture of yourself with an Indie Author

Obviously I did not know anyone at the time so I created my own LOL

Kelly S Marsden & I

I hope Kelly didn’t mind we have actually become friends I discovered she lives in my old town. Small world.


#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 5!

Predict the title of your favorite Indie author’s next book! (Funny, or serious — you choose!) #IndieRoar

2015 Old Indie Roar 2

Today’s challenge is more intellectual.  We want to know just how well you know — or, think you know! — your favorite Indie author and his/her work.  Tell us what you think they will name their next work.  You can’t tell us a book name that the author has already shared via cover reveal, or an interview!:-)

As always…keep it Indie trendy!



#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 6!

Go out into the world and proclaim your love of Indie books and authors! Publicly tweet your passion in action! #IndieRoar

Book & NatureWhat do we mean? Go out into the world and take your Indie love, passion & gumption and share with us! Take your favorite book to the park and have lunch with it! Snap a shot and let us see!  Heck, if you wanna say, “I Love Indie!” do it in a BIG way! (Just don’t get arrested…)

Feel like High Tea with you favorite author? Make it happen however you can!   Craving a day out and about? At the races? At the dog park? Maybe at the zoo? Show us how you INDIE!  ‘Cause indie is a way of life in addition to HOW we come to market.
Bring your creativity to the fore and show us your #IndiePride!


#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 7!

Create and tweet a Wordle you created for/about your favorite Indie book/series/author! #IndieRoar

2015 Old Indie Roar 3

What’s a Wordle?  It’s a great pictogram that contains words of your choosing that relate to your favorite book, series, or author — Indie, of course!

You can find the Wordle page here — http://www.wordle.net/

‘Wings of Darkness’ Wordle


#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 8!

Today is the #Selfie #IndieRoar Day! Show us your coolest, most chic, selfie!

2015 Old Indie Roar 4


What’s not to love? It’s a selfie! Get wild and crazy and do YOU in front of your camera!





#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 9!

You scream. I scream. We all scream for…your 5 all-time favorite Indie books! #IndieRoar

It’s all about the read. We do all that we do as writers so that someone else out there can kick back on the beach, in the park, or snuggled in their bed with (hopefully!) our books.

So, which Indie authors, or Indie books inspire you? Pick 5 and tell us why. Post on your blog, or website and tweet out the link so we know which reads get your heart pumping!

  1. ‘Wings of Darkness’ Immortal Sorrows Series by Sherri A Wingler

Young Adult Paranormal, the angel of death

  1.  ‘The Vintage Coat’ Chris Turnbull

By putting on an old military coat a young man slips back in time to World War II a story of  love and some of the hardships faced during the war.

3.‘Riduna (The Riduna Series Book 1) by Diana Jackson

Historical fiction, a story of love & destiny on the Channel Islands late 19th century

  1. Jason the Penguin: (He’s Different) – Deb McEwan

Children’s book about a very different little penguin called Jason

  1. Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy Book 1) – Claudette Melanson

Young Adult Paranormal Fiction, a young girl is changing but her mother does not want her to grow up

  #IndieRoar Challenge – Day 10! (Final Day)

 Pen your own perfect first sentence to your “Great American Novel” and tweet it! #IndieRoar

Today is the final day of our challenge.  Are you sad?  Are you glad?  Either way, we have to go out with a BANG.  What kind of Indies would we be if we didn’t write something special for our readers?!

In honor of our collective readers, write the first line of your next novel, the novel you’d always dreamed you would write the novel your mother/brother/teacher/mentor/friend/husband told you to write — write the first sentence of that book. (Click image to enlarge)


Did you spot anything here? The line is from ‘Seal Mother’ which I am only just now on the verge of completing. It just goes to show how long it can take to create a book.

The end is nigh.  The fat…ahem…the lady has sung the final aria and the curtain is about to fall.  How will we remember you?  Haunt us. Pleasure us. Entertain us.  We’ll love you for it!

This was such great fun and like I mentioned in a previous post

I was Joint 1st Prize Winner

150630 All Indie Roar prizes

Thank You #IndieRoar & #IndieBooksBeSeen



Rose Reviews ~ ‘The Insect Hotel’ by David Stringer

#IndieBooksBeSeenClick here to buy from Amazon UK

‘The Insect Hotel’ by David Stringer (A Prize from #IndieBooksBeSeen for #IndieRoar)

This is a wonderful & truly unique little book, and like the Quality Street sweets, ‘Made for Sharing’. The cover is designed by Donna Harriman Murillo; it is very bright & beautiful, it is not this however, that makes this book distinctive. I say it is unique, purely because I have never come across a book like this before. The internal pages are all edged with little illustrations, but it is the actual paper that these words & images are printed upon, that makes it so different.

The paper is a strange dry, dusty, garden soil grey colour. Holding the book I could well imagine being out in the garden, in the dry summer heat. Upon turning each page, I felt like I might smudge the words across the sheet and end with little bits of gritty grey dust, upon the tips of my fingers. Of course this didn’t happen thankfully, it was just my over the top imagination, running away with itself.

This book gives you every opportunity for the imagination to run wild. It’s exciting, funny and also educational.

So to the story, it’s all about a little boy called Harry and his Dad. The idea for building an ‘Insect Hotel’ came about one day when Dad wanted to get himself and Harry out into the fresh air. Dad has a great love of nature and he wants to share it with his young son. Together the pair spends their days in the garden, with Harry learning about the insects, plants & wildlife, along with doing little chores, like watering the plants.

Then in the evenings, at bedtime, Dad makes up stories, these are created around the adventures and activities of the day. The little tales are delightful and often funny and Dad hopes they will send Harry off into Dreamland.

Characters & Hotel Guests.

Dad of course is the main character; he is everybody’s dream parent, spending quality time with his son Harry, teaching and nurturing. This little boy, as most children are, is inquisitive with his ‘Why’s’ and ‘What’s this’? How does that work, etc? Then more often than not, his attention span has been lost. His mind has moved on to other things and he is away, off on another adventure or playing on his wonderful yellow (mountain) slide. You’ll get this when you read the book.

The story is actually split into five little chapters, each one for a different insect character and bed-time story.

Chapter 1 is about Woodster – a woodlouse that happens to be the insect equivalent of a ‘Handyman’, his story is mixed in with that of the ants, rushing around with their red shiny safety hats, fixing the roof of the hotel.

Stinker is the star of chapter 2 – a shiny green shield bug, who works as a bowtie salesman. Again to find out the story of Stinker you will have to read the book, unless of course you are an insect specialist and already know about the green shield bug?


Chapter 3’s character is a thrill seeking, young and very energetic snail called Curly Whirly and boy is he fast.

Next chapter 4, which happens to be my favourite of the book, features two spiders – Conundrum & Nutmeg weird names for these arachnids, but hey ho. Spiders have come a long way, since Incy Wincy climbed up the waterspout, for these two are no less than style guru’s who want to re-decorate the ‘Insect Hotel’.

I don’t have an ‘Insect Hotel, in my garden perhaps if I did the design duo might pay it more attention than my house. It’s like the hotel lobby on my landing, with fine silk filigree curtains strewn wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Spider Utopia. However, I would rather put up with their decorating, than lose the protection of these eight legged bodyguards who are great at getting rid of any filthy, germ breeding, low life flies.

Our final character is a little ladybird, who is always being mocked by the other insects, particularly the spiders. Gamble is his name, this he inherited after a rough game of roulette with some big frogs, who happened to be using him as a dice, on account of his spots.


At the end of the book, we get to learn how the ‘Insect Hotel’ was constructed, and why Dad & Harry took up with the project in the first place, with no costs involved.

Or being lazy, you could buy one already made from the likes of Amazon?

Amazon Insect Hotel

Myself I found this a fun and engaging read. A book so exciting that it really must be shared with the whole family. Best of all, it encourages learning, and the chance to enjoy the great outdoors, an activity which will always be FREE!

I sure hope there is a follow up book, the final pages hint at new projects surrounding the extension of the hotel. Now thinking along the lines of Bill Oddie the Comedian (before becoming nature man), this book is ‘Goody Goody, Yum Yum’ (Sorry I had to get this little reference in being as the Great Bill Oddie of the Goodies fame wrote the foreword for this little treasure. Words changed to prevent copyright infringement.)

3 Rose Rating

Top Rating a 3 Rose ~ Very Highly Recommended.

#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 10 FINAL DAY


Pen your own perfect first sentence to you “Great American Novel” an tweet it! #IndieRoar

Today is the final day of our challenge.  Are you sad?  Are you glad?  Either way, we have to go out with a BANG.  What kind of  Indies would we be if we didn’t write something special for our readers?!

In honor of our collective readers, write the first line of your next novel, the novel you’d always dreamed you would write, the novel your mother/brother/teacher/mentor/friend/husband told you to write — write the first sentence of that book.

The end is nigh.  The fat…ahem…the lady has sung the final aria and the curtain is about to fall.  How will we remember you?  Haunt us. Pleasure us. Entertain us.  We’ll love you for it!


From ‘Seal Mother ~ Retold’ a tale of the Selkie. By Rose English

‘It was an oyster and pearl kind of day, and oh how soft, the wind and waves gently play’


Sadly this is the final day of the #IndieRoar Challenge, its been fun. I hope you’ve had a great time following all of us. Good-luck to my fellow participants.

Happy Reading & Writing 🙂

My #IndieRoar Challenge – Day 9

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Challenge Day 9 – You scream. I scream. We all scream for…your 5 all-time favorite Indie books!

So, which Indie authors, or Indie books inspire you? Pick 5 and tell us why. Post on your blog, or website and tweet out the link so we know which reads get your heart pumping!

This was the Challenge of the day, not an easy task, for how do I a Read-a-holic pick 5 out of the many I have read? I tried to give a little eclectic mix of books. Something to appeal to different tastes. These are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to my favourite Indies. Hope they inspire you to go try something new,  perhaps something a little bit different, and support Indie Authors.

*PS For My Review Rose Ratings see end of page

1. ‘Wings of Darkness’ Immortal Sorrows Series by Sherri A Wingler

#IndieRoar #Indie #authorsClick here to buy from Amazon UK

My Review

“I did not lay a hand on her, and yet her soul floated free above her body. It hung there, a beautiful shade of shimmering rose gold; an old soul in a young body”

So say’s Asher upon meeting Izzy in the Prologue. (I read this on the Amazon ‘Look Inside taster). These words drew me in and so I downloaded the book and commenced reading immediately. It was so much more than I could ever have expected. There was no sexy dark angel draped across the cover to attract my attention when it first went on sale.

Angels, book, natureOriginal Cover

The story is based around 18yr old Izzy Maitland, who wants to live forever, but after a bad car crash weird things start happening. For a start her body is healing at an alarming rate. She is becoming stronger each day, whilst her family & friends weaken. She is also being stalked by a strange man. Who  could well be the Angel of Death?

The story is narrated by the two main characters Asher and Izzy, each chapter is clearly labelled with their name, so you are never in any doubt whose mind-set you are currently in.

The experiences encountered by the characters in this book, are very different from other books of this nature and I found it totally engaging. With such descriptive writing the images that were conjured filled me with awe. I thoroughly recommend reading this book it gave me such a craving for what was to follow, always wanting to know what will happen at the turn of the page. Yes it is a little frustrating, as it gives you a hunger. It left me always ready to devour the next chapter and at times I was even moved to tears.

This Book 1, ‘Wings of Darkness’ is only the appetiser for ‘The Immortal Sorrows’ Series. I am sure it will easily fit in-between books belonging to fans of the greats,  such as ‘The Twilight Saga’. This series could open up whole new worlds, and could lead to lots of exciting short stories too. I cannot wait for the next installment. However, don’t take my word for it, you will not know until you try it for yourself. Happy Reading 🙂

**Note: This book contains some violence and strong language. Recommended for 16+.**

3 Rose Rating

2. ‘The Vintage Coat’ Chris Turnbull

#IndieRoarClick here to buy from Amazon UK

‘Time is a curious thing’

This is a delightfully sentimental story. The fact that I picked the book up at the authors’ 1st ever ‘Book Signing Event’ in Leeds, along with seeing ‘The Coat’ (the inspiration behind the novel) made it even more magical.

Here is a wonderfully unique, quirky little story, about time travel. The main character Joseph Michaels is a young man, who finds he is tumbling between the present day and World War 2. A beautiful story of family & friendships, you really cannot help but fall in love with the characters. On his 1st encountered time slip, Joseph meets up with Charles (Charlie) Butterworth and they become very good friends. Charlie has a great personality, a real ladies man, but loveable and cheeky with it.

Another popular character for me was Mrs Barrow, landlady of the Angel Inn, where the boys are left to bunk, when not on military duty. Mrs Barrow is like a surrogate mother, very warm and friendly you cannot help but love her too.

After Joseph puts on ‘The Vintage Coat’,  I truly felt the fun & sense of adventure, that he experiences slipping back in time. The story flows beautifully, not at all tangling when Joe slips between eras. The author also made me sympathise with him and experience his deepest heartache’s. Yes I did cry whilst reading some passages. The story is very touching and reaches deep into your soul.

All in all an amazing little book. I could almost have devoured it in one sitting; however I was compelled to take my time. For this exquisite read, you really need to savour each & every moment.

3 Rose Rating

3.‘Riduna (The Riduna Series Book 1) by Diana Jackson

#IndieRoarClick here to buy from Amazon UK

I could almost hear the sea, and taste the salty air.

Book Description
‘Riduna is the Latin name for the unique and picturesque island of Alderney, sister island to Guernsey Channel Islands, UK. This is the first novel in the ‘Riduna Series,’ set in the late 19th Century. For Harriet, who was born on Riduna in 1866, and many others in her community, the island seems to be a character in its own right. It is the only world they have known, or wanted to know. On the other hand, Edward lives with his head full of dreams of distant shores. As their destiny is challenged, will their devotion remain constant? Riduna tells the story of Harriet and Edward as they move towards adulthood, when conflicting dreams, tragedy and poor communications all play a role in their lives.’

My Review

To be perfectly honest I found this a little slow to start. Then for me Jane the doctors daughter & the friend of Harriet, the main character seemed a whole lot more interesting. However, as the story progressed and children became young adults it livened up. At times the words magically evoked the faint sound of the sea washing upon the rocky shore. I could almost smell the sea air.

I was moved by the tragedies that just seemed to never end for Harriet, I was warmed by the great compassion and sensitivity she showed her family, friends & neighbours. It turned out to be a wonderful story and one I would certainly recommend. Although like I said you may need to persevere through the opening pages but the story did not disappoint in the end.

3 Rose Rating

4. Jason the Penguin: (He’s Different) – Deb McEwan

Jason the PenguinClick here to buy from Amazon UK

“Eh up” said Jason penguin.

Being the traditional ‘good ole’ Yorkshire lass, I could not help but fall in love with this wonderful little picture book. The beautiful illustrations are bright & colourful complimenting the poetic verse. The text is both light & humorously funny. It is a cleverly scripted, rhythmic read. This little masterpiece is a true delight, for children of all ages. It had me hooked & grinning like a Cheshire cat. I am off to buy a printed copy to take and gift to my little nephew. I cannot wait to read it to him, although he’ll be able to read it for himself soon.

‘Jason the Penguin’ is a three book series; the first was written to celebrate the arrival of a new family member and the others will follow shortly.

3 Rose Rating

5. Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy Book 1) – Claudette Melanson

#IndieRoarClick here to buy from Amazon UK

Being a fan of all things paranormal I’m always looking out for something a little different. Several friends recommended this, so I downloaded myself a copy. I knew it was going to be different from the others after checking out the cover art. Very unique graphics rather than some sexy vampiric models draped seductively over the page (don’t get me wrong, I love those images too but we do get a bit bogged down at times).

*The cover has now been updated.

Rising Tide New Cover

My Review

So after admiring the old cover art, I delved deep within the pages and became hooked. It’s hard to say why without giving anything away but this story really flowed for me, I just had to keep reading. The ‘Dark Innocence’ part of the title is more than appropriate with Minks’ mother (sorry but I liked this little pet name better than Maura the name given to our main character) seemingly wishing to keep her daughter as an innocent child. Being very secretive, and for a very good reason.The secrets in this little read are dragged out to the very end. The mother never allowing her daughter to mature, into something that is inevitable.

This book sensitively covers some issues, that many growing teens will experience, such as peer pressure and finding where they themselves, fit into the world. It’s about making new friends, and then being able to accept their help, in times of trouble. I hope I haven’t said too much?

I recommend this highly for teens & young adults or even old fans of paranormal novels like me. Don’t take my word for it; just go try the book for yourself.

3 Rose Rating

Well I do hope you have enjoyed checking out my little selection of Indie Authors, I could give you many more but I’ll save them for another day.

Happy Reading 🙂

My Review – Rose Ratings.

Pink Rose

 1 Rose Rating= OK

2 Rose Rating

2 Rose Rating = Enjoyable

3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating = A Real Page Turner

#IndieRoar Challenge Day 1. ~ Rose Reviews ‘The Shadow Rises’ by KS Marsden

Well today I am doing a little review for the wonderful book by Indie Author KS Marsden. I give it 5* and read it in just 2 sittings. FREE to download at the time of posting.


Witch-Hunter Series 1 by KS Marsden


‘The Shadow Rises’ (Witch-Hunter Series Book 1) by KS Marsden


I started reading this as a challenge for Indie Books Be Seen on Social Media. They support & promote independent authors. Being a FREE download I didn’t really expect a great deal. I generally like a printed book and I am afraid for some reason the cover didn’t immediately appeal. I read the blurb and was tempted inside. Well I was hooked from the start, drawn into the night-time setting of Venice with lights sparkling across the canal. Then being introduced to the enigmatic, charming English gentleman, Hunter Astley, seventh generation Witch-Hunter. Tall dark & handsome with classic good looks, he is the dream of many a young woman, all seemingly attracted to him, but not the the tall pretty brown haired girl. Her hazel eyes had locked on Hunter for the briefest of moments. Then she turned away, obviously dissatisfied with what she saw. Her loss. Or would things turn out differently in the long run?

It’s difficult to give a review and not give anything away, so I will say little else, just that I was hooked. I read the whole book in two sittings. Hunter was a character I could not help but love, he had me in a swoon that’s for sure. His trusty friend & sidekick 1st generation, but highly intelligent Yorkshire man James, was amusing but sometimes a little annoying with his accent. The two friends devoted to one another, although this did surprise me considering all they endured. Especially in the company of Sophie new Witch-Hunter in training.

A fascinating story I simply could not put down. I thought it might be a little predictable? In some things it was and then in others I was twisted around by events, several I never saw coming. Well I’m off to start Book 2 ‘The Shadow Reigns’. I’ll be back soon to let you know what I think of it.

In the meantime if you fancy a little witchy story, the handsome hunter & the hunted, why not pick up or download a copy? I highly recommend it, but don’t just take my word for it. Go try it for yourself. Happy Reading 🙂

PS Day 2 of the #IndieRoar Challenge asked which actor would play the lead in your fav Indie Book? Well being a massive reader it was hard to choose which book to focus on so I used this one. My choice to play the handsome Hunter Astley would be

Rupert FriendRupert Friend

This wonderful actor would be perfect, playing the role of some of my own characters from my works in progress. Particularly in his performance as ‘Prince Albert’ in ‘The Young Victoria’

Rupert FriendRupert as Prince Albert

Thanks for reading this little review hope it helped. Happy Reading 🙂