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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 27 Part 12 #Selkie

Day 27 Camp NaNoWriMo

No #writing spent the day at the UK Indie Lit Fest FREE Book Event at Kala Sangam #Bradford images to follow.

190727 Rose by Rainne

So this was me at the Lit Fest there will be more images to follow and some information on the visiting Indie Authors. Meanwhile here is a teaser for

The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry

190727 Great Selkie Teaser

An Overwhelming Heat

Suddenly she remembered herself and tried to push away. She was stopped when he gripped her by the shoulders.

‘The village need you, I need you please don’t do that again.’

He released her, and she turned heading once more for the cottage.

Thoughts ran through her mind.

‘What was I thinking; of course the village need me.’

‘Wait did he say, he needs me? Why would he need me, he looks well enough.’

Shyly she turned her head to look back at the stranger, why did she feel so shy what is it about him. He strode a few paces behind. Probably worried she would try to walk into the sea again.

She stopped and turned to face him full on. She had been a timid fool, like a damsel in distress, but no more. She stood firm in the sand with her hands upon her hips.

‘Who are you anyway? I don’t even know your name.’

The man stopped; taken aback by her confident stance, in the past women had always swooned at his feet. Múirne, he had watched over the years she was a strong confident young woman he wanted her. He hated to take advantage of her now she was low after losing her grandmother but it was time.

‘I am Solas, though some call me Sol.’

‘How do you know my name?’

‘I told you last night the villages speak highly of their nurse. They miss Brighde but are happy that you have taken her place.’

‘So you are not from the village, and I have never seen you around. Where are you from?’

Sol smiled at her sudden questioning of him.

‘I live beyond the cliffs, but come over this way for provisions. I fish these waters.’

Múirne pondered these answers and seemed to be satisfied. She turned back once more and resumed walking, heading back home once again.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 26 Part 11 #Selkie

Day 25 CampNaNoWriMo

Oh my goodness I cannot believe there is only one night now until the UK Indie Lit Fest FREE Book Event in Bradford. I arrived safe and sound, lovely room in The Great Victoria Hotel Just waiting for Maria Gibbs my lovely Indie Author friend to arrive fingers crossed the trains don’t let her down and she misses her connection at Leeds.

The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry

190726 Great Selkie Teaser 2

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The Silver Path of the Moon (Part 3)

‘What were you thinking’ he said looking deep into her eyes.

‘The current is strong here, so close to the cliffs and your heavy gown could easily snag on the sharp rocks beneath the waves.’

The heat rose upon her cheeks, and she looked away, saying nothing. He pulled her to him, resting her head upon his strong firm chest, she felt bare flesh against her cheek he was warm yet smelt strongly of the ocean, she almost had the urge to flick out her tongue to lick his skin to see if he tasted salty.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 24 Part 09 #Selkie

Day 24 Camp NaNoWriMo

Hello Book Lovers and friends I’ve been so caught up in Camp and sharing posts for Indie Author Friends that I forgot to tell you this weekend I am attending the 4th Annual UK Indie Lit Fest in Bradford UK. I simply cannot believe the time is here already. I’m just having five minutes break from packing and sorting out swag (bookmarks and business cards etc) ready to take with me. I am travelling to Yorkshire to visit family so a nice long weekend for me Whoop whoo!

lit fest

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ Teaser

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190724 Great Selkie Teaser

The Silver Path of the Moon (Part 1)

A big full moon rose from beyond the waves. As it climbed high into the darkening sky it revealed a shimmering white path reaching out from the horizon to the shore. Múirne imagined Granny Bree taking just such a path on her journey to heaven. It had been several months now and there was a big hole in her heart that would never be filled again.

The seal she had seen earlier had disappeared and the thought was for her soon to be making her way back up the steps home. But she could not for some reason bring herself to leave quite yet. Was she hoping for the strange man to return, he had brought a little bit of companionship and banished the loneliness for a short while.

Knowing she was not tired and would be unable to sleep she decided to walk along the beach for a while. The moon after all was bright and the sand above the shingle shoreline was illuminated to a soft white texture that would be wonderful to feel beneath her bare toes. And so she set out.


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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 17 Part 06 #Selkie

Day 17 Camp NaNoWriMo

Sadly with my work colleague being off sick once again I have had a wordless Camp Day.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck?

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ Teaser

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190717 Great Selkie Teaser

The Great Artist

Murdoc had a great gift; he was an artist when it came to the carving of wood.  His hands were so skilful and for his special friends he created two beautiful seals. One he gave to Múirne, the other much smaller he gave to Rònan. The child loved both sea creatures and would play with them for hours. At the time the gift was given Murdoc had lifted the small boy upon his knee and the boy wrapped his arms around the elder hugging him tight.

Murdoc smiled, and then held up the seal on the palm of his hand.

“This here is your namesake, your name Rònan, means seal”

The child giggled and pulled the seal into his chest. He loved that his name meant seal. His small mind imagined himself swimming in the sea as a seal.

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I found some beautiful carved seals online tonight here is just one of my favourites. This is the sort of thing I believe Murdoc would have carved for


Available from buy the sea in the UK

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 06 Part 2 #Selkie

Day 06 Camp NaNoWriMo

Today I believe fate was giving me a guiding hand because I spotted a special offer on an editing package available for September. I sent off an email and was lucky enough to bag the final spot. So now I have something to aim for.

YouTube The Grey Selkie of Sule Skerry

I also came across a wonderful YouTube video the Icicle Divers swimming with grey seals. The short film was accompanied by the most beautiful version of the old folk ballad that I have ever heard by Maz O’Connor check it out. So very inspiring I’ve been listening to it most of the day.

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ Teaser 2

I have been toying with the idea of using the original cover for Seal Mother as the basis of this new story. Love to read your thoughts, drop me a message below. Thank you. Click the image to enlarge (opens in a new window).

190706 Cover teaser

Image FREE Pixabay DarkWorkX

Character Name Meaning

Nursemaid  (Main Character)

Múirne MUR neh ~ Affection, beloved
Grandmother Matriach Brighde BREE ju ~ celtic goddess of strength, Bree for short
Mother of Múirne Alana A LAR na ~ Beautiful
Father of Múirne (deceased) Coinneach KON ik ~ Gaelic meaning handsome

In her youth Múirne was loved by many because her great kindness over spilled from every pore. Like her grandmother Brighde she had become a nurse-maid caring for the fishermen and their families, who lived at the furthest edge of the land.

Múirne had little time for a love of her own, always putting others first. Her father had been a fisherman, but like so many others he had lost his life at sea leaving a young widow and babe barely out of the crib. Alana the child’s mother was heartbroken and she became bitter blaming the girl, if not for the extra mouth to feed Coinneach would still be there. He would never before have gone out in an approaching storm, but they needed to eat so he braved the waves but never returned.

As the girl grew she spent more time with her grandmother in the small but homely cottage on the edge of the village close to the shore. Granny Bree taught her the healing ways using herbs grown in her seaside garden, and kelp taken from the water’s edge. As Brighde took more and more care of her granddaughter Alana felt herself becoming free of the burden of motherhood. Eventually she left the little coastal village with a fish merchant who delivered fresh fish to the hotels and taverns of the city down in the south of the country. He promised her new dresses, jewels and a warm home where no sea storms would ever pound upon her door again.

It was no great loss for the child for she loved her grandmother dearly and the old nurse was more a mother to her than her own ever could have been. Wise beyond her years the girl grew strong, intelligent and independent with a love for all things. Her caring nature passed down from the great matriarch. Life was good.

(Please don’t forget this is un-edited in Camp NaNo we are only trying to get words on paper. Thank you).

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