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Rose Reviews ~ ‘The Legend of Dust Bunnies’ Michelle R Eastman

The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy’s Tale by Michelle R. Eastman

Naughty Dust Fairies, visiting the house whilst we sleep, sprinkling dust and holding ‘Crumb Spitting Contests’, no less. Mischievous little things are they not? Here is a little sample of what else they get up to:-

“The daintiest ones
softly land on the drapes,
leaving behind
fancy spider web capes”

and you blamed the spiders. LOL

This starts off as a fun little read however, one little fairy boy, named Artie, is very different and often very lonely. All he really wants is to fit in, and he desperately needs a pal. He feels he is unable to find a friend on his own, so he has an idea, to make one for himself. When he does things really start to change for him.

This is a beautifully illustrated story, bright and colourful with an abundance of wonderful rhythmically flowing words, almost like fairies fluttering across the page. This book is a real pleasure to share with the whole family.

3 Rose Rating