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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 16

Day 16 Camp NaNoWriMo

Once again another wordless day 😦

But I did managed a little drabble of 100 words (NOT including the title) Not sure if the image was copyrite but if you click it then you will be taken to the place I borrowed it from ‘Animals Network’ House Martins.

Above my eaves at the front of the house it appears my neighbours are back from their migrations. During my sleepless night I did however manage to write a little drabble. 100 Word story.

Semi detached

Semi- Detached

They came, they saw, they moved in. Now it is semi-detached.

I watched as one solitary soul danced in the blue skies – a mating ritual. First one, then two, then four and more, they chatter and sing before dawn. The windows double glazing is only a small barrier to life.

My morning view is overflowing with fluttering creatures, birds swooping and diving from way up in the high heavens. They chirp and tweet a crescendo of sounds.

Before we know they are off, away on their winter migrations. My neighbours took flight. The House Martins are gone until next spring.


House Martins in Hereford

This is a little gif (if you can see it) See how they have expanded their nests to accommodate larger families.

190716 House Martin

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 15 Star of the Day

Day 15 Camp NaNoWriMo

Sorry no news today about my writing challenge, we had an incident in work so I have been bogged down and not one word written 😦

I did have some good news though. I was awarded Short Story Star of the Day (My story was on Monday 15th July 2019) A different story will be on the front page each day.

190715 Star of the Day

Short Story Star of the Day

So here is a reminder of my short story in case you missed it.

A New Beginning by Rose English

Before freedom, came death. I remember little of that brief existence. A child born out of wedlock, dumped on the steps of the orphanage, wrapped in an old potato sack. No one came; the doors were barred throughout the night.

As dawn approached and the sun’s early beams crept down the face of the dusty red brick walls, I took a slow shallow gulp of air. As the warmth reached my tiny innocent face I exhaled for the last time.


I vaguely remember a time of lush green tasty leaves. I remember a long thin body becoming plump, and then nothing, just empty time passing.

What I clearly remember is warmth surrounding my tightly wrapped body. A sphere of light appeared through the diaphanous cover from which I needed to make my escape. Gently I eased my cramped body free, stretching out my long limbs. Then slowly I unfurled damp wings to enable them to dry out in the warm sun.

I hung down beneath the flower head, protected from the sight of predators. The breeze caressed me stroking and drying out my delicate filigree appendages. Sweet fragrances filled the air enticing me to follow and taste the sweet wonderful syrupy sap.

Languishing in the heat I bide my time, allowing my body to take on its new form. The limp wetness was becoming firm and more structured. The warm wind became like the gentle caress of a mother’s hand, something I had not known in my previous life.

Taking great care I tentatively moved my legs, and began feeling my way with my antenna. I climbed out into the rays of the sun and as my feet touched the soft petals I could sense the flavour of the flower, it was very alluring. Holding steady I extended my wings for balance. Using my proboscis I reached into the heart of the flower to take my first taste of the delicious nectar. It was like pour heaven.

A gentle sigh escaped, and then I heard a soft voice coaxing me.

‘Fly my pretty, be free.’

Then with a gentle nudge the wind carried me from the flower that had been my protective home as I transformed into this new life. A slow opening of wings helped the wind to lift me. Higher and higher I rose, taking in the beauty of the world and the abundance of the flowers of the rich countryside. Alive and free and under the tender loving care of Mother Nature.

Copyright © Rose English July 2019

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 14 Part 05 #Selkie

Day 14 Camp NaNoWriMo

Happy Sunday folk. So I had a very productive day today approx. 2,500 words handwritten with just under half already typed up.

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ Teaser

190714 Great Selkie Teaser

Click the image to read the teaser with ease. Opens in a new tab

Character Name Meaning (no surnames until after the 10th century)
Father of Múirne (deceased) Coinneach KON ik ~ Gaelic meaning handsome
Grandfather of Maire Murdoc MUR doc ~ warrior of the sea
Grandmother of Múirne Healer/Matriach Brighde BREE ju ~ celtic goddess of strength, Bree for short
Main Character Nursemaid Múirne MUR neh ~ Affection, beloved
Mother of Maire Roisin ROSH-een ~ Celtic little rose
Mother of Múirne Alana A LAR na ~ Beautiful
Son of Múirne & the Selkie Rònan ROE nan ~ Seal
Surrogate daughter of Múirne Maire MARE ~ Latin star of the sea
The Great Selkie Solas SOH lus ~ Comfort, joy, solace Scottish Gaelic  also acronym Safety of Life at Sea
The Hunter              Father of Maire Conall Kon ul ~ high powerful

This table I believe is now the final listing of all the characters in the story.

The elder and the healer

Rònan was not like any other child, his growth was rapid. Múirne stayed away from the village, and it was only on the rare occasions that anyone visited in need of her healing herbs and advice.

One such person was Murdoc; he was one of the elders of the village. His daughter Roisin was with child, but had always been a sickly girl so it was feared she may not carry the baby to term.

It was whispered that Murdoc’s mother had drown in an unfortunate accident, but he believes her to have been a Selkie Bride and she had merely returned to the sea to her family there. He was the only one who had seen Rònan and looked into his eyes, seeing in them the stormy waters and he knew this boy was special, a child of the ocean. Yet he said nothing, and told no one. He was a regular visitor to Múirne, as he needed her potions to be fresh. The old man walked the five miles or so at least once a week.

The burden of knowing her lover was a Selkie weighed heavy on Múirne’s shoulders. On the odd occasion she would offer  a warm meal to Murdoc they would sit in comfortable silence. Occasionally he would regal her and the boy with the old folktales of long ago. As the winter crept in Conall, the husband of Roisin could not venture out to the stormy sea. He was therefore able to stay home and take care of her. When this was the case the old man stayed over and slept in the rocking chair that he had constructed as payment for the medicine Múirne made up for his daughter.

With the fire flames dancing around the little cottage Murdoc would sip wine from his tankard and tell the story of his mother the ‘Selkie Bride’ or sometimes he would refer to her as ‘Seal Mother.’ Rònan was entranced by the magical words and the flickering flames. The child would sit motionless, who knew what the boy could understand but he sat still never the less. Perhaps he saw the images dancing within the flames, as he stares mesmerised.

There has to be some truth behind folktales and this one Múirne  believe to be true (although possibly elaborated upon). After all did not Solas tell her he himself had come from the sea from Sule Skerry. How else could she explain the fine white seal pup-like fur upon her son’s body, and the webbed fingers and toes? Múirne liked the elder immensely; he was like the father she never knew. The father lost at sea.

Mahua Sarkar divider-2461548_1280

I would love your thoughts on this small section, infact on any of my writing about ‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’. Comments even negative ones are always welcome. Remember this is for Camp NaNoWriMo so as yet un-edited.


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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

Day 11 Camp NaNoWriMo

Hello friends, today I managed to handwrite  probably around 1,200 words which I really need to get typed up. I did a couple of 100 word stories too, but I am going to share an old short that I wrote sometime ago that I just found again. Click the image to open in a new tab for ease of reading.

190711 The Game 3

The Game

At the top of the world, sits Nanook; surrounded by shards of black glistening crystals, light having been extinguished.

He feels guilty – but it was just a game.

Yet he had knocked the North Star from the sky, leaving his world dim.

‘Have you learned your lesson boy?’

The village elder had approached silently; the heavy darkness had muffled the sound.

‘Yes father. I’m sorry’.

The chief lifted a shard, it began to shine. Throwing it up into the air, it shot off at great speed, the others followed, back into the velvet night, illuminating once more the heavens.

Copyright © Rose English

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Camp NaNo Day 07 #FlashFiction

Day 07 CampNaNoWriMo Flash Fiction

So whilst we are celebrating #WorldChocolateDay and I have been seeing lots of scrummy chocolate animals, I suddenly decided to write a little bit of Flash Fiction 100 words actually. Hope you enjoy it, it was just for fun.

190707 Chocolate Day 03

Chocolate Mice

On a hot sunny day, all the chocolate animals in the sweetshop laze beneath the wonderful cooling fan out of the sunlight and at the back. But the mice were restless and wanted to play.

Such silly creatures are chocolate mice. They simply do not think. Of course the temperature was so hot that their games led to their undoing.

First their chocolate button ears slipped off, and then their liquorice tails and finally their milk chocolate bodies melted away into a gloopy puddle. Only their round little silver candy eyes remained to watch their lives slip away with sadness.

Thanks for visiting. Happy World Chocolate Day

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 06 Part 2 #Selkie

Day 06 Camp NaNoWriMo

Today I believe fate was giving me a guiding hand because I spotted a special offer on an editing package available for September. I sent off an email and was lucky enough to bag the final spot. So now I have something to aim for.

YouTube The Grey Selkie of Sule Skerry

I also came across a wonderful YouTube video the Icicle Divers swimming with grey seals. The short film was accompanied by the most beautiful version of the old folk ballad that I have ever heard by Maz O’Connor check it out. So very inspiring I’ve been listening to it most of the day.

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ Teaser 2

I have been toying with the idea of using the original cover for Seal Mother as the basis of this new story. Love to read your thoughts, drop me a message below. Thank you. Click the image to enlarge (opens in a new window).

190706 Cover teaser

Image FREE Pixabay DarkWorkX

Character Name Meaning

Nursemaid  (Main Character)

Múirne MUR neh ~ Affection, beloved
Grandmother Matriach Brighde BREE ju ~ celtic goddess of strength, Bree for short
Mother of Múirne Alana A LAR na ~ Beautiful
Father of Múirne (deceased) Coinneach KON ik ~ Gaelic meaning handsome

In her youth Múirne was loved by many because her great kindness over spilled from every pore. Like her grandmother Brighde she had become a nurse-maid caring for the fishermen and their families, who lived at the furthest edge of the land.

Múirne had little time for a love of her own, always putting others first. Her father had been a fisherman, but like so many others he had lost his life at sea leaving a young widow and babe barely out of the crib. Alana the child’s mother was heartbroken and she became bitter blaming the girl, if not for the extra mouth to feed Coinneach would still be there. He would never before have gone out in an approaching storm, but they needed to eat so he braved the waves but never returned.

As the girl grew she spent more time with her grandmother in the small but homely cottage on the edge of the village close to the shore. Granny Bree taught her the healing ways using herbs grown in her seaside garden, and kelp taken from the water’s edge. As Brighde took more and more care of her granddaughter Alana felt herself becoming free of the burden of motherhood. Eventually she left the little coastal village with a fish merchant who delivered fresh fish to the hotels and taverns of the city down in the south of the country. He promised her new dresses, jewels and a warm home where no sea storms would ever pound upon her door again.

It was no great loss for the child for she loved her grandmother dearly and the old nurse was more a mother to her than her own ever could have been. Wise beyond her years the girl grew strong, intelligent and independent with a love for all things. Her caring nature passed down from the great matriarch. Life was good.

(Please don’t forget this is un-edited in Camp NaNo we are only trying to get words on paper. Thank you).

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1,713 Words written today


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 05 Part 2

Day 05 Camp NaNoWriMo

So I thought I would share with you part of my reason for doing the Camp NaNoWriMo Challenge. It is to create some original prose to go with the poetry I did during my NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) Challenge earlier in the year. I absolutely LOVE the cover by JC CLarke.

Butterflies & Blue Skies Front

Butterflies & Blue Skies ~ Poetry & Prose 2


Collection of Poetry & Prose, a sequel to ‘Rainbows and Roses’ which is a delightful selection of whimsical short stories, along with a collection of poetry inspired by memories from childhood, the environment, together with a little bit of fun.

In this second volume I am hoping to feature some information on flowers and plants loved by Butterflies and Bees.

Many of the poems that will feature were written during the 2019 NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)


190418 Elegy of a Butterfly

Elegy of a Butterfly

Exhausted the butterfly rests
upon the pure white petals of a daisy.
Paper thin, are the wings
filigreed in fine grey veins
like the hair line cracks of a glazed vase.

Only the faintest movement
of the thorax gives an indication of life.
Slowly the proboscis unfurls
to take a last savouring sip of nectar.
After withdrawing, all movements cease.

The sun slips behind a cloud
bringing dull grey shadows.
Mother Nature quietens her children.
All become still as life slowly seeps
from the frail butterfly.

A frog croaks in the distance,
marking the time of death.
Zephyrus snatches away the butterfly’s last breath.
Then the soft gentle breeze lifts the lifeless soul
carrying it to earth, ready to begin the cycle of re-birth.

Copyright © April 2019 Rose English

00b Rose English
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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 02 ‘A Scent of Lilies’

Day 02 of Camp NaNoWriMo

So today I had a little more inspiration, I’m not sure how it came about something to do with waking in the wee small hours and imagining the scent of lilies. They always used to remind me of my nan. Anyway I hope you enjoy this short story, its quite a bit longer than the flash fiction I have been writing lately.

190702 A Scent of Lilies

A Scent of Lilies

A cold breeze blew in from an unexpected source, yet all windows and doors were shut tight. The darkness embraced the tiny cottage by the edge of the lake and the still evening offered only silence.

Stella pulled the duvet tight to her chin, and her knees came up and squashed against her ample bosom. The dog growled, looking around the bedroom sensing something neither of them could as yet see.

Once again the cool breeze appeared and the Chantilly lace that framed the old four poster bed rippled. The air brought with it a scent of fresh lilies and Stella automatically thought of her deceased Grandmother.

A soft glow appeared below the warped oak door, and at that instance the dog leapt from the end of the bed and commenced barking loudly. Stella did not want to look; she was frozen upon the bedstead not even moving an inch. The smell of lilies wafted around her face and teased her nostrils; it made her glance towards the door. Mouse the little dog (named for his petite size and mousey coat) began to whimper and retreated slowly backwards away from the light, which had begun to pool beneath the crack, like hot melted wax.

The molten light was now a puddle inside the bedchamber, there was an eerie iridescence about it. Stella’s hands gripped the edge of the duvet and pulled it up over her mouth and nose so only her large wide eyes peeked over. A soft bump, made her jump and the terrified young woman braved a look over the edge of the bed. Stella let out an audible sigh when she noticed it was only Mouse. The frightened creature had backed into the base of the bedframe. He was now cowed down, with shoulders hunched and body shaking.

From the corner of her eye Stella noticed new movement. If her eyes could have grown any larger they would be the size of dinner plates. Drawn to the site of the wet patch, she now gazed in horror as it began slowly receding. Stella looked on as the flowing light gathered itself together, and began swirling upwards to form a column of wisps. Chilled to the bone she was wishing this were all just a dream. Yet she knew in her heart it was not. The strong aroma of the lilies was evidence of that, and the fact that she had now clenched the covers so tightly she could feel her sharp manicured nails digging into her palm through the layers of laundered fabric.

The wisps were dancing and melding together, creating a vaguely humanoid being. Long skeletal arms began to form and rise, reaching out to her. It was all too much; Stella tugged the quilt completely over her head and curled into a tight embryonic ball.  Scared out of her wits, she listened for the slightest sound or movement but there was none. Escape was impossible; the monster was blocking her exit. There was not even the slightest chance of getting out of the teeny tiny leaded window; Stella was so lackadaisical she had not got around to removing the paint that had sealed it shut tight.

Unexpectedly the sound of small yips could be heard, Stella had forgotten all about Mouse in her effort to hide herself away from the monster. Hold on she thought, as her mind began to unravel the muffled sounds.

‘Those are the noises made only by a happy Mouse’.

Dare she take a peek outside of her cocoon? Slowly she lifted the covers; the potent fragrance of the lily that much earlier had felt oppressing was now easing beneath the fabric. It became lighter in its tone and began gently caressing her face bringing the warm memories of her dear Grandmother. That’s when she heard it, a voice from beyond the grave – it was her, her dear sweet Grandmother.

“Ma mar” she yelled, using the pet name she had always referred to her Grandmother by.

Mouse jumped upon the bed hopping around in his excitement at exactly the time Stella threw off the covers. The little dog’s head butted against her chin and she had to grab him with both hands to hold him tight and calm him down. Pressing her small companion against her side she turned to see the beautiful shimmering figure of her matriarch.

 The old lady was neither here nor there, merely a transparent glittering image of the woman she used to be. Dressed in a twinkling floral gown, the elegant ghost appeared almost as she had in life.  In the crook of one arm she was cradling a bunch of highly fragrant lilies, and in her hand she was carrying a beautiful leather-bound book.

Stella smiled and stroked the top of Mouse’s head.

“I’ve just come to say one thing dear.”

Both Mouse and Stella tipped their heads to the side listening closely to the words that had brought their beloved from her grave.

“I didn’t bequeath this cottage to you, so you might burn it down in the first year”.

The ghost wagged a translucent finger at the woman who felt once again a child.

“You left the cooker on, my dear”.

In a blink of an eye the apparition was gone.

This would be the very last time Stella would be so thoughtless. She swore to show more loving tender care to her Grandmother’s home. Especially now she knew the old lady was watching.

Picture 03

The End

Copyright © Rose English July 2019

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Camp NaNoWriMo 2019 Day 01


Camp NaNoWriMo 2019

Hello July and Hello Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

So I recently lost my creative streak, after working full time and having to do extra hours when a work colleague was on long term sickness. So I have decided to try and find my mojo by participating in this months Camp NaNo.

Sadly it was a poor show today and I only managed 270 words. Out of it I did create a piece of Flash Fiction (100 words or less) called ‘Death of an Emperor’ see below.

190701 Death of an Emperor 02

Death of an Emperor.

Three bees bow low in respect to the Emperor. He lay exhausted. Broken and dusty were his wings, the once bright colours muted with edges now tattered and torn. He had been blown off course by a great tempest, far away from his beloved Queen. Yet the bees would not leave him to die alone.

The wind calmed, and the Emperor took his last breath.  Aged wings closed for the last time. An army of ants came and carried him to the shade of the old oak, where he would rest eternally and become one with the earth.

Butterfly abstract-1297031_1280.pngImages used FREE with thanks from Pixabay

StoryStar logo

More flash fiction and short stories can be found on Story Star click the logo above.

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Day 26 #CampNaNoWriMo 1st Printed Draft

Well Happy Sunday Everyone

So today I am awake early and having completed my Camp NaNo target I have now printed off my two short stories and will start the editing process. Both stories are currently around 7,000 words but I feel I need to cut them down to around half that amount.

1s Printed Draft

So now they are all hole punched and neatly separated and popped into my lovely rose binder.


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