UK Indie Lit Fest 2019

OH my goodness what a fantastic weekend check out our No. 1 Fans blog and her book haul. Rainne does more to spread the love for Indie Authors than any one else I know in the whole world. It was lovely to catch up we can never thank her enough just one Thank You does not capture what our thoughts are but THANK YOU anyway 🙂

Click the link below to visit Rainne’s blog pages to find out more

Rainne's Ramblings

UK Indie Lit Fest

I had an awesome time yesterday at the Lit Fest despite getting soaked by the rain. I left home just after 7:30 am and arrived back at 11:00 pm, with two bags of books and swag.

DawnI sat in on a couple of book readings. The first by Dawn Singh, who read from Dead Normal, and gave us a sneak preview of the third book in the Regina series, Demons from the Ashes which she promised me will be out by Christmas! The other reading was by Joshua Sutton from his latest book Saints of the Mother, the follow up to Cameraman.

I also attended the talk given by T.G. Campbell, author of the Bow Street Society books, on The Pitfalls of Making a Book Trailer’. Although I’m not an author and will never need a book trailer, I found it fascinating. I had never thought…

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