Camp NaNoWriMo Day 29 Part 14 #Selkie

Day 14 Camp NaNoWriMo

Too tired and achey to write today and my back is killing me after slipping on wet stones in Bradford. Therefore I am Just sharing a short teaser of 🙂

The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry

190729 Great Selkie TeaserThe wine had taken its toll and Múirne awoke in her own bed with a throbbing head. Had it all been a dream, was Solas real or just a figment of her loneliness. She spied the conch upon the table of the little cottage and knew beyond doubt that her lover was real.

A memory tapped at the corner of her mind, strong arms carrying her home and laying her upon the bed. Words were hazy but when she sat up suddenly they rushed forward like a wave pushed by a violent storm.

‘Goodbye my love, my fair maid. The tide is turning and I must away.’

He had kissed her forehead and placed his hand gently over her stomach.

‘Grow strong my bonnie wee lad, my son, my little Rònan. This is my final gift to you my beloved Múirne.’

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