Camp NaNoWriMo Day 05 Part 01 #Selkie

Day 05 Camp NaNoWriMo

Hello so today started well, I read through a half written short story ‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ (a folktale I am creating a new version of) and I actually managed to put pen to paper. I hand wrote about 500 words then needed to get up for breakfast. I had good intentions then got sidetracked, as I am doing a LOT lately. Check out the ballad that inspired my re-writing of the ancient text.

YouTube Ballad The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry

The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry by Rose English

Below are the characters that will feature in my version of the old tale believe to have been originally told on the Orkney Islands of Scotland. Sule Skerry is a little rocky isle of the very far edges of Scotland to the far north of the UK.

Character Name Meaning (no surnames until after the 10th century)
Nursemaid Múirne MUR neh ~ Affection, beloved
Selkie Solas SOH lus ~ Comfort, joy, solace Scottish Gaelic  also acronym Safety of Life at Sea
Father of Múirne (deceased) Coinneach KON ik ~ Gaelic meaning handsome
Grandmother Matriach Brighde BREE ju ~ celtic goddess of strength, Bree for short
Grandfather of Murdina Murdoc MUR doc ~ warrior of the sea
Surrogate daughter of Múirne Maire MARE ~ Latin star of the sea
Mother of Múirne Alana A LAR na ~ Beautiful
Son of Múirne & the Selkie Rònan ROE nan ~ Seal
The hunter Conall Kon ul ~ high powerful


Standing vigil upon the rocky outcrop at the edge of the vast ocean is the nurse-maid. Hair now as white as the foam upon the crest of a wave, her routine has not changed in half a century. The fine mist tickles her aged face and the salty sea droplets lodge within the wrinkles of time upon her forehead.

In her hand, clutched tightly is a golden rope of kelp, secured to it is a small shell shimmering in rose gold, a gift given to their son. Daily she prays that the family will be re-united but in her heart she knows all are lost.

Weary bones now barely support the frail, stooped body, and as twilight approaches she feels the tiredness taking over and just wishes to lie down upon the sand and let the waves carry her out into the open waters.

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