A review by Maria Gibbs of Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse by Rose English

WOW what a beautiful review thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed the book Maria.

‘Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse’

Currently available in paperback at a REDUCED PRICE. Click the image below to check it out. RRP £4.99 on Amazon UK currently down to £1.20 but not for long.

190507 Amazon UK discount £1.20

Maria’s full review can be seen by clicking the link below. Check out her books too and her blog posts whilst you are there you will not be disappointed.

Maria Gibbs

Seal Mother: A Selkie Tale in Verse by [English, Rose ]
*****Five Stars*****

I devoured this short story, so skilfully written by an author who I have the utmost respect for. She doesn’t write for the masses, she doesn’t stray into writing what is popular or in fashion. Rose English writes from the heart about things that capture her vivid imagination and she weaves a story so beautiful that it feels as though she has placed her hands around your heart and is squeezing gently.
Seal Mother is a tragic tale of love, betrayal, loss and heart-breaking decisions.
It’s a children book, but don’t let that stop you from reading it as an adult. Let Rose’s poetical verse sweep you into a maelstrom of emotions as you forget your existence for a while and ride the waves with Seal Mother and her emotional journey.

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