28 Goodreads ‘Underwater’

28 Underwater.jpg

I read this book as it is now titled ‘Underwater: The prequel stories to the novel ‘Thicker Than Water’ by Rachel McLean but it was originally called ‘The Flood’

The Flood: A Companion to the Novel 'Exile'The Flood: A Companion to the Novel ‘Exile’ by Rachel McCollin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book 28 of my Goodreads Challenge


This book is a very short story, teasing you into reading the full novel ‘Thicker Than Water’.

It is the beginning of the tale of a family having to leave their London home after a devastating storm floods the city. They are calling it ‘Hurricane Victoria’.

Jess her mother Sonia, brother Ben and his girlfriend Ruth all set out along with many others to leave the capital. The group with little food and few possessions set out walking north to seek out family in Leeds and hopefully find a safe haven. But they encounter several hardships along the way, will all the group be able to make it safe and sound?

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