26 Goodreads ‘Acquainted with Butterflies

180503 Aquainted with Butterflies

Acquainted With Butterflies: A Collection of Short Stories, Personal Essays & PoetryAcquainted With Butterflies: A Collection of Short Stories, Personal Essays & Poetry by J.C. Wing

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 26 of my Goodreads Challenge

I absolutely fell in love with the book cover, a beautiful butterfly that stretched over the front and back once the book was opened out.

The book consists of a collection of short stories, personal essays and poetry some of which I absolutely loved. ‘Cold Feet’ was a great read something unique I had not come across before a tale of a wedding from different points of view.

I loved the poem:-

‘The Color of the Ocean’

The rays of sun, so warm and bright
a shiny ribbon of gold.
The water caresses the wet sand below
and the waves tell tales untold.

There is probably something here for everyone a light read that can be picked up and read in small snippets. From the funny short story ‘Letters to the Couch’ to stories full of suspense and horror such as ‘The Surprise Getaway’.

For me the personal essays were not really my thing, perhaps a little too intimate. But many did bring back memories of songs that were mentioned throughout. The author’s only real link with her father was their great love of music.

Worth checking out but to find out more visit JC’s blog spot http://jcwingandthegoddess.blogspot.com/

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