#InternationalKissingDay & Seal Mother Teaser 2

Mwwahh! Happy #InternationalKissingDay

08 Kissing Day Teaser

In my search for images this I believe came from @farneislands click HERE

Seal Mother Teaser 02

For my second teaser we have a beautiful seal rolling in the waves. Click the image to enlarge (opens in a new window)

06b Kissing Day Teaser

Remember it is kissing day so my teasers will include some kissing.

Seal Mother verses 67 & 68

One final kiss
on the toes of the child,
and the seal swam away
back into the wild.
The girl held the shell
now close to her heart,
and gazed on with sadness
as the seal did depart.


On the warm gentle breeze
blowing in from the ocean.
On the crest of a wave,
with its rhythmical motion
came Seal Mother’s last words
from far ‘cross the water.
“Farewell. Just for now,
my dear youngest daughter.”


There will be a chance to win a copy of the book at this evenings event over on Facebook later. Go check out the page by clicking the image below. Event starts at 7pm GMT UK

Facebook Event

Don’t forget to share the love and offer that extra kiss to you loved ones.

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Happy Kissing on #InternationalKissingDay

Kissing Day logo 2


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