#IndiePrideDay 2018

Celebrating #IndieBooksBeSeen

Today Sunday 1st July 2018 we are helping to spread the word and encourage readers to try more books, by Indie Authors and poets. The event was set up in recent years by author of ‘Keeper of the Wind’ Mark Shaw whose aim is to help Indie Authors like himself get noticed. (Click image to enlarge. )

180701 IBB 01

You can find out more about the book by clicking HERE to be taken to Mark’s Facebook page and see some great pics about the story (which I loved by the way. Three friends find some ancient artifacts that have magic powers. They put them up on eBay and some dude wants to offer them enormous amounts of money for them. Obviously they become suspicious and hold back selling them. Turns out this dude is pure evil so they have to watch their backs sorry can’t tell you any more or I will give the whole story away.)

The Indie Roar Challenge

I think I first started to take notice of #IndieBooksBeSeen when I took part in the #IndieRoarChallenge in June 2015, just prior to Indie Pride Day on 1st July. It was great fun, a 10 Day challenge from 1st to 10th June 2015 and guess what I was a joint First Prize Winner look at all the lovely books I bagged (I will do another post later dedicated just to the Indie Roar Challenge I completed). Again click the image to enlarge.

150630 All Indie Roar prizes

Indie Pride Day & UK Indie Lit Fest

I am so proud to be part of the #IndieArmy and the UK Indie Lit Fest Therefore, throughout the day I am helping to promote the participating authors and poets attending the event. Watch this space, and check out Social Media particularly Twitter we are hoping to have #IndieBooksBeSeen trending at some point through the day. Join us and #SpreadTheWord.


Indie Authors ~ why they need our help.

Indie Authors need our help because they do everything for themselves. They generally pay all the bills, for not only are they the creators of the story but they are the compilers, promotors and marketing managers too.

They put many hours into writing a book, then need to pay out for it to be edited (maybe several times). They need to pay to have the book formatted (or spend hours once again doing it themselves, like me.)

Book covers and graphics all need to be paid for, designed and tweeked etc, and they don’t come cheap. All that is even before they start to promote the book. It’s a hard business to be in. So at least we can offer our support even if it is just for one day. #IndiePrideDay.

Thank you for visiting, and thanks for your support

Happy Reading



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