#WIP Seal Mother 30th June 2018

Seal Mother Sneak Peek 4

There is absolutley nothing like the satisfaction you get when you type and print out ‘The End’ on a final draft document, of your up coming book.  The illustrations are all by the young, talented, Hannah Ryan.

The End

The Seal-Maid & children down on the sand.

SealMother CreateSpace draft 5

So you already saw that I have written the end, but editing is not easy and being passed from one person to another means it can take such a long time. But I am almost there now.

In the distance he heard
his family outside.
So quick in the trunk
the skin he did hide.
He locked up the chest
with seconds to spare.
When they all stepped inside
they just stopped to stare.

Seal Mother Updates

Oh I have just discovered that Hannah’s beautiful illustrations have not translated well into digital. Meaning that the resolution is currently too small to use on the front of a book cover. It looks like I probably will not be able to do a cover reveal for #IndiePrideDay after all.

Hopefully that will be remedied soon. Meanwhile I will think on whether I should allow you a peek of the sketches done for the cover or not. Watch this space.

Thank you for your wonderful comments throughout social media concerning Seal Mother. Drop by tomorrow for #IndiePrideDay celebrating Indie Authors and their books.

Hannah Seal 01


Happy Reading


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