#WIP ‘Seal Mother’ 25th June 2018

Seal Mother Sneak Peek 2

The illustrations are all by the young, talented, Hannah Ryan.

SealMother CreateSpace draft 4

Seal Maiden Rescued??

So for today’s sneak peek the beautiful Seal-Maiden is trapped in her human form –  naked. Having had her sealskin stolen away on Midsummer’s Eve. (Click the image above to enlarge).

Meanwhile the young fisherman, who actually stole the prized shimmering skin, (under the sight of the Moon Goddess) is strolling along the beach hoping that the Selkie will be there and he can take her home to be his bride.

The sealskin was hers
this he knew from the start,
but they’d soon be together
she would be his sweetheart.
So he took off his coat
then when he felt bolder,
with tenderness he wrapped
the coat round her shoulders.

The handsome fisherman falls madly in love, he takes the lost, lonely maiden back to his cottage on the edge of the beach. He feeds and clothes this magical creature, whom he longs to take as his own. He is determined that she will become his wife.

All she longs for is to find her skin and return to her family in the sea. The Seal-maid is quite unaware that her beautiful pelt is only in the next room, locked away. Hidden from view in a deep, dark chest.

Seal Mother Updates

I hope you are enjoying these little insights into my Seal Mother – Selkie Tale in Verse

It is unbelievable how quickly the tale is now coming together, after my sister-in-law Sylvia suggested I write the story in verse. It was only a matter of months since I went to visit her in Frecklton, Lancashire.

Sylv had to go to work, so she told me to perhaps look at turning the Seal Mother into a poem. Using a similar style to Young Ebenezer ~ A New Christmas Carol which I released Christmas 2017.

So I took myself to the pub, settled down with a latte (and then a white wine spritzer, well it was a pub it would have been rude not to). Within the 2hrs I waited I had re-written the whole story, and converted it into approximately a sixty verse poem. WOW I admit I shocked myself.


Finding an Illustrator

Hannah Ryan was sent to me by fate I believe. But I’ll tell you about that in another blog.

Watch this space. Thanks for visiting if you enjoyed being here please share with your reader friends.

Happy Reading


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