Children of the Streets Series by Maria Gibbs

Oh my Goodness what GREAT NEWS, we cannot wait for the release of Book 2 in the series ‘Children from the Streets’ by my wonderful Indie Author friend Maria Gibbs. You really MUST read Book 1 in readiness (if you have not already) ‘A Boy from the Streets’. These books are inspired by true life events.

What are you waiting for GO, check out Maria’s Blog. #SundayBlogShare very HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Maria Gibbs


Over two years ago I was doing research for a book series that I was working on at the time. One of my main characters was going to Afghanistan as a foreign correspondent and although I didn’t want to focus in any depth on what was happening there I did want to get a flavour of what life would be like for a foreign correspondent.

I bought and read Christina Lamb’s book “Small Wars Permitting: Despatches from Foreign Lands.” I didn’t only read about Afghanistan but she also revealed about her time in Brazil. I read about children who lived on the streets, hundreds of thousands of them, and they were treated like vermin. People stepped over these bundles which held human life as though they were unimportant. What the were, though was an embarrassment to the authorities and a major inconvenience to local businesses. My blood ran cold when…

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