#WorldPoetryDay ‘Lost Love in Spring’

170320 Lost Love Spring small(click the image to enlarge)

World Poetry Day

A celebration of poetry around the world first introduced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in 1999. Held on March 21st each year.

‘Lost Love in Spring’ by Rose English

I was overwhelmed when my little short story ‘Lost Love in Spring’ was nominated for a Summer Indie Book Awards in 2017. I do not even know who put the book forward but I am over the moon. So whoever you are Thank You. As today is World Poetry Day and Spring is now officially here, I want to share some of the teasers from my book ‘Lost Love in Spring’.

The story is only short but the book includes an A~Z of Herbal Remedies and for each plant featured there is a small poem to accompany it. Many taken from an old poetry book published in 1800

So here is the image that shows the opening line of the story. Click any image to enlarge it (note it opens in a new window)

08 Lost Love


‘…And many a weary heart shall sing
The Snowdrop bringeth Hope and Spring.’

(From the book Poetry of the Flowers by Mrs CM Kirtland 1800)

Hope is all Emmeline has.

Under rolling storm clouds and raging thunder, the Gods unleash their wrath upon the earth, and in the chaos of the countryside awash with rivulets, Alfie Beeson is felled by some unseen force. With a desperate burst of strength, Emmeline drags her unconscious husband back to their cottage.

Throughout the winter she ministers to his needs, following her Grandmother Aspasia’s recipes collected over the years in her delicately penned ‘Home Remedies’. Alfie appears to be on the mend when the gentle, shivering snowdrops begin to raise their dainty heads above the snow, bringing hope. However, as the little flowers creep from the forest up to the cottage, Alfie takes a turn for the worse.

By the time the blooms are close enough to tap upon the door, she has lost her love. Grieving and bereft, Emmeline tries to cope without her soulmate. Her broken heart causes even her gentle artwork to suffer. Paintings are left unfinished in the parlour.

With the arrival of The Anniversary comes a surprise visitor. Will this visitor rekindle the light in Emmeline’s delicate brown eyes?

Can the hole in her heart ever be healed?

07 Lost Love

Herbal Remedies Research

This heartfelt short story now includes a sample of  Aspasia Cherry’s A~Z of Herbal Remedies along with poetry, a few myths and a little magic about the local flora that would have been found in and around Emmeline’s cottage.

Reading and research are what I love to do most of all, and I was swept away on a cloud of delicate plants and flora that were used for healing. In the story Emmeline uses an old tome that her grandmother Aspasia Cherry penned over the years. I imagine the cover to have been like the one below.

Grandma Cherrys Home Remedies 2

In the A~Z the layout begins with the common name and the scientific name along with its meaning. There follows a poem about the plant then its ancient and modern use. For some plants I have also added a short myth of how the plant may have derived its name. My example here is the Dandelion.

06 Lost Love FB

In some of my earlier blog posts I have more examples of plants used in the book. You can search using poetry or floral poetry. Back in May I did a post on Hawthorn click HERE to check it out.

If you are interested in finding out more, or want to take a look inside on amazon. Click the image below.

ebook & print Lost Love

Thank You for visiting & Happy Reading




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