UK Indie Lit Fest first authors announced

My lovely friend Maria Gibbs and I will be attending the 2018 #UKIndieLitFest in July we share a table as Roses & Dreams and this year is looking really exciting with more new writers joining us.

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So this year sees the 3rd UK Indie Lit Fest Book Event taking place in Bradford, West Yorkshire. This month the attending authors and poets will begin to be announced. So far there have been eight announcements to find out more click the logo.

lit fest

First announced writers attending this year’s #UKIndieLitFest click on their names to find out more

  1. Maria Gibbs
  2. William Coniston
  3. Victoria Howard
  4. Michael Wombat
  5. Rose English
  6. Roger Barton
  7. Claire Marta
  8. Sharena Lee Satti (Poet)


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