2017 Book 22 ‘Synthesis Pioneer’

Oh my goodness I cannot believe how long I have left posting my Goodreads Challenge books for 2017. So now I have another BIG Challenge to post all the ones I have read so far this year. It is October, almost November and I am currently reading Book 77. So you can see how far behind I am. Wish me luck.

2017 Goodreads Challenge 22

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Book 22

‘Synthesis : Pioneer’

(A short-story prequel to Synthesis:Weave)

 by Deane Saunders – Stowe (Rexx Deane)

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Rose Reviews ‘Synthesis : Pioneer’

This is a very short SciFi story about 30 minutes of reading in which we get an introduction to ‘The Synthesis Series’, and a brief insight into the very varied crew on board the ‘Fluorescent Lightingale’.

This tale centres around the linguist aboard who goes by the name of Calendula a talented young woman who uses all her senses. I particularly like how the author describes what she smells and hears upon boarding the ship.

I really do not wish to say more otherwise the story may be spoiled, but I do know that I will be moving the main story up my reading list.

I give it a 3 Rose Rating

(This is my top review rating it means I loved it or it was a real page-turner)

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


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