Copy Catz.

Love the work of this young poet well worth checking out her books

Bernie-the-Bolt {Poet}

Copy Catz with Flat Caps.
Licking Toothpaste from the Taps.
That drizzles and oozes, sweet fire.
Our hearts desire is to be a Copy Cat.
Rat-a-tat-tat. Daft bat. Scratch that.
Hang on Sling-Shot by a Steely Gong.
Isn’t Impersonating another, quite wrong?
Lost your marbles, can’t dance – strong?
Copy Catz with mangled feathers.
Playing out in all walks of weathers.
Sugar coated lips, leak with Chaos.
Adios please kiss it goodbye.
Because waking up with a yellowy
needle leaking from your eye,
is one big messy pigsty.
In salty butter, you’ll fry.
Then we’ll roast you like a Peanut,
KP on the Menu; ever dry.
Originality lingers, but doesn’t prevail.
You’d rather steal what’s already on sale.
Like Jonah floating inside the mouth of:
Free Willy’s, Enormous Whale.
Laughter might haunt and mock.
But don’t rock to the beat of its clock.
That encapsulates you inside its:
Two-Toned, Leather…

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