#WritePhoto Derelict (Prompt by Sue Vincent)


So the lovely writer Sue Vincent has a Thursday Photo Prompt she set up to encourage folk to release their creativity in the form or poetry or prose whatever takes their fancy. Today I thought I would give it a go myself.

170525 Derelict Cottage


Skeletal limbs reach out and lovingly stroke the derelict cottage that sleeps on the very edge of the forest. In bygone days it sat in tranquil beauty surrounded by the herb garden of the midwife. She offered her assistance to all who may need it.

With the loss of one sickly child because the father refused the healing herbs, the midwife was hailed a witch and burned at the stake. The flames licked high, the fire stoked from the trees surrounding her home. Yet still she lingers in the whisper of the breeze winding its way between the cracks.


It just so happens that this also fits my 99 Word Story so I can add it to David Drivers page on Facebook. Click the link below to check it out.

170328 99 Story Book Page

Happy Reading





7 thoughts on “#WritePhoto Derelict (Prompt by Sue Vincent)

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