2017 Book 18 ‘Witchcraft’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 18

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18 Witchcraft

Witchcraft: Book 1 The Meadowsweet Chronicles

by Katie M. John

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Rose Reviews ‘Witchcraft’

This was a modern tale of witchcraft with good witches facing bad. Set in the small English village of Heargton The Meadowsweet coven all have names of either animals or flowers I did find it a little confusing as to if the older witches were the aunts or cousins of the younger ones who are still at school. The main character seems to be the middle sister known as Fox who is just coming into her gift (each witch apparently has a special gift which she excels at) Fox seems to have the gift of ‘seeing’ both the future and the past. The oldest sister is Swan and the younger Rabbit who they fondly name Bunny.

As I expected Fox fell for the new boy at school, a young man Jeremiah Chase sent to atone for his attitude by his strict father who lives in America. The Chase family like the Meadowsweets have long historical links to Heargton and own Coldstone House said to be haunted and whilst Jay is under its roof we find him encountering a resident spook for himself.

Although this was set in England I cannot help but wonder if the author was American as she seemed to use phrases from the US and compared the school system to that of America and not the UK. I must admit this for me was a tad confusing.

Because of the subject matter of the story featuring ritualistic killings and the occult I would say it is definitely aimed at older teens and adults. I did enjoy the story in general but it was a little off putting at times so the story did not always flow well for me as I read it.

I give it a 2 Rose Rating

2 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



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