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Romance Author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. Both traditionally and independently published, Mimi has sold over 800,000 books since publishing her 1st title in 2012, and she plans to spontaneously combust once she hits the one-million mark. Although she obtained her international MBA and worked for over 15 years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance-closet and follow your dreams.

When not screaming at her works in progress, Mimi spends time with her two pirates in training, her loco-for-the-chili-pepper hubby, and rat terriers, Mini & DJ Princess Snowflake, in Arizona.

She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback (for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most.

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2017 Book 21 ‘A Boy From The Streets’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 21

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‘A Boy From the Streets’

by Maria Gibbs

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170329 Boy Arrived 01a

The eBook is not released until Saturday 1st April  but there was a hiccough with the print edition which has lead to me being able to grab a copy before the official Release Tour.

Whoop Whoo!

Rose Reviews ‘A Boy From the Streets’

First let me say a big THANK YOU to Maria for asking me to read over this wonderful story pre-editing and then again for this, my 21st Book of the Goodreads reading challenge I was offered a copy to proofread. How lucky am I. This is a PHENOMENAL story. Check out the blurb and the inspiration behind the story on the following Teasers.


A Boy From the Streets 01


A Boy From the Streets 02


I absolutely LOVE this book it packs a punch right from the start with us learning the terrible fate that befalls new-born twins sadly abandoned at birth. As if fate has not been cruel enough already, we soon discover that she has worse things in store for the boys. They are separated, one being adopted and taken off to England the other left in Brasil to become a Street Child and what a terrible life this child has.

The story is very carefully crafted, told through several different points of view. There are the harrowing events that lead up to the biological parents Leandro & Carolina having to abandon the babies, and how they barely survive living without them hoping and dreaming that one day soon they will all be re-united.

There is the underlying story of Christina & Fernando the couple who adopt one of the boys and take him to England.

Then there are the boys Jose & Pedro and how very different their lives are. It is like two different sides of a coin, and their lives are most certainly not balanced.

 It is only after many years that the boys learn of each other. At the age of 12yrs they finally meet for the first time then the balance is redressed, both experiencing very briefly the life of their sibling.

Several other important characters are introduced gradually throughout the story and readers may find it a little confusing at times but it is all necessary. It will help you to understand what these families are experiencing. Whoever said ‘life is easy’ was way off the mark, and these families go through much more than any normal family would.

Below is a little teaser from each of the boys:-


The poverty we glimpsed shocked me but there was also a romanticism in it which drew me. Rich smells seeped through the closed windows of the car, causing my stomach to growl as though asking for a taste.

The hotel was a gilded prison. Everything I could ever want was here, yet what I really wanted was to go out and have a look around. I wasn’t an outdoorsy kind of boy, but I’d never left England before, and Brasil seemed exotic.


My stomach hurt so much I feared that I was dying. If I don’t get some food soon, I probably will. Starvation was a horrible thing. I thought about the emaciated body of my old friend, Jonny. It wasn’t his real name, just as Pedro wasn’t mine. We were pivetinho (Brasilian slang for Street Child), we weren’t given names, didn’t have identities. We couldn’t cease to exist because we didn’t exist in the first place.

This novel will most definitely tug on your heart-strings so have your tissues to hand. Like I mentioned some may find it a little confusing at times but bare with it the author is giving us the life experiences of all involved and it is a truly moving story. As you read on you will be drawn in and simply have to keep turning the pages to find out what is happening to everyone involved.

This is a truly beautiful story and is

Very Highly Recommended

A real page-turner hence I give it a 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


2017 Book 20 ‘Dragon Lightning’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 20

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Dragon Lightning

‘Dragon Lightning ~ Book 2 in The Dragon Dreamer Series’

by JS Burke

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Rose Reviews ‘Dragon Lightning’


Dragon Lightning is a stand-alone book and the second in The Dragon Dreamer series. It’s a fast-paced adventure with flying dragons, an undersea world, and unlikely friendships. This science fantasy is layered for readers age 9 to adult.

Drakor seems like a normal young ice dragon with a talent for making lightning swords. But he alone feels the changing heart of his island Volcano. It destroyed his beloved sire. Now he foresees their doom, but none will listen. As he seeks proof, the Volcano shakes him off into the frozen sea . . .

Arak was mocked as a worthless dreamer until he and Scree, a fearless undersea misfit, saved the dragons. Now dragons and octopi sail north in search of mythical ice dragons. They find Drakor and a terrifying reality. When Scree enters the abyss to check his volcano, she discovers everyone is in peril. Can this crew of unlikely friends save three realms?


2017 Dragon Dreamer 04

I absolutely LOVE this ‘Dragon Dreamer’ series, we have our old favourites Arak the Dragon Dreamer, Scree the shapeshifting octopus healer with her artistic mate Orm.  We also see the poor young & scared apprentice dragon healer Dorali who is most certainly coming into her own, now becoming quite the Dragon-Lady.

In this new story we are introduced to the fabled Ice Dragon, namely a young white dragon named Drakor who senses that his volcano is changing.

Chapter 1: Black Lightning

Bright red lightning crackled above the mountain, sparkling through a dark plume of smoke. The Volcano roared with a thunder beyond any storm and sharp rocks rained down on Drakor. The young dragon gripped an icy rock ledge and shrank back into a narrow mountain crevice, choking on the tick stench of sulphur.

The mountain shook violently. Drakor’s teeth rattled together like dry bones while the earthquake rumbled on and on. . He felt like an ice-fish shaken to death in the jaws of a dragon.

Suddenly, the safe ledge broke loose. The white dragon stretched his long, leathery wings and pushed against the falling rock, trying desperately to fly to safety. He was hammered by a storm of rocks.

A boulder slammed into Drakor and his mind went white. He crumpled in on himself, writhing in agony. His right wing hung limp and useless.

I really hate giving things away but if you want to know a little more scroll down to the bottom of the page where I have put a tiny, weeny spoiler.

This is a truly beautiful story and is

Very Highly Recommended

A real page-turner hence I give it a 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



Of course Arak and his friends rescue Drakor and they become great friends learning new skills from each other. They experience new adventures and discover new and exciting worlds with new foods and the hint of the fabled Sunset Dragons (after discovering a diamond shaped dragon scale in bronze with a scarlet sheen).

2017 Dragon Dreamer 06

2017 Book 19 ‘Wrapped in the Past’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 19

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19 Wrapped in the Past

‘Wrapped in the Past

by Chess Desalls

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Rose Reviews ‘Wrapped in the Past’


Shirlyn travels back in time to ancient Persia where she meets the three magi who follow the Star of Bethlehem. After a mishap threatens to send her ride home without her, the youngest mage exhibits a hidden talent that leaves an impression on his elders and on Shirlyn’s heart. But his silhouette will forget they ever met, unless she leaves a reminder that comes with a heavy price.


Although this is only a short story I put the book aside as it appears to be set initially in England but written in an American style. I found it was slightly confusing for me. I got the impression it began in Victorian London yet they travel by car to the harbour to board a motorised yacht. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong and I should view it more as a Steampunk novel? Perhaps I will return to it later in the month then let you know my thoughts. Or try it for yourself it is currently FREE to download. Then let me know your thoughts below.

Happy Reading


2017 Book 18 ‘Witchcraft’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 18

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18 Witchcraft

Witchcraft: Book 1 The Meadowsweet Chronicles

by Katie M. John

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Rose Reviews ‘Witchcraft’

This was a modern tale of witchcraft with good witches facing bad. Set in the small English village of Heargton The Meadowsweet coven all have names of either animals or flowers I did find it a little confusing as to if the older witches were the aunts or cousins of the younger ones who are still at school. The main character seems to be the middle sister known as Fox who is just coming into her gift (each witch apparently has a special gift which she excels at) Fox seems to have the gift of ‘seeing’ both the future and the past. The oldest sister is Swan and the younger Rabbit who they fondly name Bunny.

As I expected Fox fell for the new boy at school, a young man Jeremiah Chase sent to atone for his attitude by his strict father who lives in America. The Chase family like the Meadowsweets have long historical links to Heargton and own Coldstone House said to be haunted and whilst Jay is under its roof we find him encountering a resident spook for himself.

Although this was set in England I cannot help but wonder if the author was American as she seemed to use phrases from the US and compared the school system to that of America and not the UK. I must admit this for me was a tad confusing.

Because of the subject matter of the story featuring ritualistic killings and the occult I would say it is definitely aimed at older teens and adults. I did enjoy the story in general but it was a little off putting at times so the story did not always flow well for me as I read it.

I give it a 2 Rose Rating

2 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


The inspiration behind ‘A Boy from the Streets’

I cannot wait to get a copy of this book in my hands I love the inspiration behind the story 🙂



A boy from the streets will be the first novel that I have published but not the first book I have written. It was while I was researching for one of my other books which hasn’t been published yet that I came up with the inspiration and the basic outline for the story.

While reading ‘Small Wars Permitting: Despatches from Foreign Lands’ by Foreign Correspondent Christina Lamb I came across something I hadn’t heard about before and it shocked me. This is taken from Christina’s book:

“There was one aspect of life in Rio I knew I would never get used to. Every morning when I arrived at my office downtown, there would be bundles in the doorways. After a while I discovered they had names and faces. These were children, some of the thousands – some say millions – of street kids who roam Brazil’s cities. Sometimes they would…

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