2017 Book 17 ‘The Spirit Guide’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 17

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‘The Spirit Guide’

by Elizabeth Davies

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Rose Reviews The Spirit Guide’

I was sent this story quite sometime ago in return for an honest review, I loaded it upon my kindle but unfortunately forgot all about it. All the other books I kept on purchasing or being offered simply pushed it down the list but oh I wish I had read it sooner. A truly enjoyable read that had me on the edge of my seat.

Seren has an unusual gift – she sees spirits, the shades of the dead. Terrified of being accused of witchcraft, a very real possibility in twelfth century Britain, she keeps her secret close, not even confiding in her husband. But when she gives her heart and soul to a man who guides spirits in the world beyond the living, she risks her secret and her life for their love..

A wonderful story that had me continually turning the pages, a story that covers several genre from YA to the paranormal to historical romance. All genre are seamlessly blended together and now I want to do research to find the facts behind the fiction.

I give it a 3 Rose Rating as it was a real page turner

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



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