Teaser ‘A Boy From The Streets’ by Maria Gibbs


‘A Boy from the Streets’

This is the WIP (work in progress) of my lovely author friend Maria Gibbs which will be released next month.  She is just working on the final edits.

Here is the Blurb (not finalised) & excerpt:

Two babies abandoned at birth: one grows up in a life of privilege and the other in poverty.

Love, betrayal, murder, hopes & dreams

Twin boys are born on the 12 September 1981 in a hospital in Brazil and left as orphans to their fate. Jose is adopted by a couple and taken to England but the other isn’t so lucky, Pedro ends up on the streets left to fend in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Twelve years later Jose is brought back to Brazil where he inadvertently learns the truth about his twin and the adoption and runs away to find him, thinking his adoptive parents no longer want him. What happens next will shake and shape the rest of his life–if he can survive.

Pedro is offered an opportunity that is beyond his wildest dreams, but to keep it means betrayal of someone he loves. This proves to be a far greater challenge than he anticipated.

A boy from the streets will tug at your heart-strings as you follow the twists and turns this story takes.


“Pedro, wake up.”
I felt a sharp kick to my side and couldn’t understand how Chico had got so close. On the streets we slept with one eye open, and yet, I had fallen into a deep sleep that could have resulted in me not waking up. Since losing Jonny and DC I’d been wondering what reason I had for going on, though. One couldn’t call this living. It was existing, and what did I want to exist for?
Sometimes I saw glimpses of another life, when I hung around outside the fancy tourist hotels or happened into an area where the rich frequented. There was a three-tiered system, the rich at the top followed by the working man, who was marginally better off than those of us at the bottom of the scale. They worked hard, long hours, and had a room over their heads, but the downtrodden look they wore told me that their lives were tough, too. Although I would have sold my soul to sleep in a bed without having to keep an eye open at all times.
DC had found a vacant house, abandoned when the occupant had died and left it empty for a few weeks. Jonny, DC, and I stayed there for five days, topping and tailing in the big bed. The soft mattress was the height of luxury. DC said it was one of the things he missed most about his former life. Jonny and I knew no different than the streets. We would often go to sleep with the sound of DC’s voice relating a story of his former life, beyond our comprehension, but not our imagination.
“Pedro, I have a job for you.” Chico’s whiny voice intruded on my thoughts.
I pushed myself into a sitting position, rubbing the ache in my back and the filth from the streets off my shirt simultaneously. “What is it, Chico?” I gave the impression of disinterest though I could not afford that luxury.
“Detective Inspector Martinez said there is an American family who have arrived at The Excelsior. Stinking rich. He wants you to liberate them of as much of their valuables as you can while they are here.”
“Why me, Chico? Why not you?”
“Everyone knows you are the best. He doesn’t want them to know it has happened at the time. If they don’t see the crime they can’t report it.” Pedro heard the jealousy infused in his tone of voice.
“What do you get out of it, Chico?”
“Yes, you, Chico. Don’t play stupid. I know you’ll get your share.”
“Then why ask?”
“I do all the hard work and take the risk, yet you and Martinez get the best cut.”
“You know the score, Pedro, you’ll eat for a week.”
“And if I choose not to?” I don’t know what got into me, pushing like this when we both knew I would take the job or I wouldn’t see the day out if I refused.
“I wouldn’t if I were you. Detective Inspector Martinez says he’ll arrange another drive-by shooting. We haven’t had one since Jonny and DC died.”

I cannot wait to get my hands on a printed copy of this book.

Happy Reading



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