2017 Book 16 ‘This Side of Paradise’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 16

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‘Oakshot – The Complete Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald’

by F. Scott Fitzgerald & Oakshot Publishers

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Rose Reviews ‘This Side of Paradise’

I read this story after watching an Amazon Prime TV series ‘Z-The Beginning of Everything’ about the author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald the first flapper in the era of Jazz USA.

Not really a great fan of the classics I thought I might like to give this a try there were some wonderful lyrical passages but being set in the US in bygone days it was difficult at times to understand their ways. Below is one of my favourite passages when the main character Armory Blaine is walking in the moonlight with a new love the wild Eleanor.

‘One night they walked while the moon rose and poured a great burden of glory over the garden until it seemed fairy-land with Amory and Eleanor, dim phantasmal shapes, expressing eternal beauty in curious elfin love moods. Then they turned out of the moonlight into the trellised darkness of a vine-hung pagoda, where there were scents of plaintive as to be nearly musical.’

I give this a 2 rose rating for this reason.

2 Rose Rating

If you are not familiar with this classic author as I was not, you might be interested to know that he was the author of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and also ‘Benjamin Button’

A First Edition copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ sold in New York in recent years for an astounding amount of money a sum of almost £150,000. Below is the original cover.


I will give this authors work another viewing at some point in the future.

Happy Reading



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