2017 Book 14 ‘Love & Muddy Puddles’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 14

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‘Love and Muddy Puddles – A Coco & Charlie Franks Novel Book 1’

by Cecily Anne Paterson

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Rose Reviews ‘Love & Muddy Puddles’

This is a wonderful little teen read aimed at readers 10 – 17 years and the young at heart like myself.

Coco Franks wants to be in the popular group at school, she believes fashion and looking good are the only things she does well. Unlike her twin sister Charlie who is a few minutes older than Coco and is the clever and sporty one of the family.

Just as Coco’s dreams begin to come true her dad throws a spanner in the works by taking up his own life long dream of building a home for his family in the countryside.

This spells disaster for Coco and she gets into all sorts of hilarious scrapes and she longs to go back to her popular friends in the big city of Sydney. Being popular does not necessarily mean they are nice, something that Coco will learn in the future.

There is one thing about the move that cheers her up and that is making friends with a temperamental horse called ‘Cupcake’ can things ever change for the good, and will life improve for Coco Franks. Indeed will she actually find love in all those muddy puddles?

Check it out for yourself. I loved this story and give it a 3 rose rating.

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading.




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