2017 Book 13 – ‘Shearwater’ Full

2017 Goodreads Challenge 13

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‘Shearwater Full Book: An Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance’

by D.S. Murphy

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Rose Reviews ‘Shearwater Part 2’

To read the second part of ‘Shearwater’ I needed to download the full book which I promptly did because I could not put the book  away on a terrible cliff hanger.

I loved the mythology surrounding the story and it prompted me to do a little extra reading into the Irish legends of the ‘Formians’ and the ‘Tuatha De’.

There was a satisfying conclusion to the story which still left the tale open enough to continue in a further novel.

For this second part I give it only a 2 rose rating because there were several editing issues and a couple of character mix-ups which spoilt the story somewhat for me.

2 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



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