2017 Book 11 ‘Short Story Strands – Halloween 2012 Edition’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 11

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‘Short Story Strands – Halloween 2012 Edition’

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Rose Reviews ‘Short Story Strands’

I was looking among my ‘Leaning Tower of Paperbacks’ looking for something short to read when I came across this mini Halloween anthology of short stories written by mainly American authors. I had read some of the stories but put it to one side when something else came along. This is what I find thrilling about anthologies you can dip in and out when you wish. I did a short review on Amazon but I love this one below and just simply had to share it.

Sometimes just a glimpse is enough to scare, 25 May 2014

In this Halloween 2012 edition, short stories collect and present themselves in as the shadow you see out of the corner of your eye, the thump downstairs in the dark when you’re all alone, and the chill down your spine that tells you that something isn’t quite normal. These stories are short, sometimes only a paragraph or two, but they don’t need a lot of elaboration. They are what they are: Some lead you down the path of darkness, some are freak shows that appear on the side of that haunted trail, and some stories show you that even the innocent isn’t.

All of these stories are based around Halloween or the darkness that accompanies that date. You will see spirits rise from the grave, a haunted house, witches and their cats, as well as the other mythos and trappings.

If you are looking for quick stories to read, I would suggest highly suggest this book. If you are interested in learning more about stories that the different authors have written, this book nicely provides you a link back to the author’s other work as well.

The previous reviewer sums it up perfectly and my words are certainly not as eloquent as theirs but it is worth reading. A delight for horror fans with really tiny bite size stories and links to other works of the authors. I need to go read something else now to banish the demons and darkness that would surely bring nightmares if I do not do something to banish them away now.
Give it a go, you do not have to wait for Halloween. I give it my 3 rose rating.
3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



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