2017 Book 10 ‘DOTTY and the Calendar House Key’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 10

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‘Dotty and the Calendar House Key’ by Emma Warner-Reed

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Rose Reviews ‘Dotty and the Calendar House Key’

This is a children’s book for 8 – 12 year old’s but I simply could not resist picking up a copy to read.

Mmm I can almost smell Mrs Gobbings Cooking ~ Yum yummy

A charming story I believe will appeal to boys and girls alike, along with the young at heart like myself. An ex school librarian. The story begins with a great tragedy and poor Dotty is sent away to live in a sprawling mansion in Yorkshire, with its spooky scritch scratching’s coming from the vast fireplaces and dark sooty chimney’s.

I love the fun times Dotty has on her rollerblades exploring the vast house with its hundreds of windows and rooms, and you cannot help but adore the matronly Mrs Gobbing’s the cook/housekeeper with her round face and equally round body, clad in mop-cap and apron. Always it seems, is the woman covered in a dusting of flour. When cooking the images seem to raise from the page like the scents of the baking when the oven door is opened. Mm pies the story has me thinking of pies oh and gingerbread houses as the story is set close to Christmas.

The house has a mystery surrounding it and it is at times scary for Dotty to try and unravel it. I really do not want to say anything else because I hate to spoil any surprises but it was a very enjoyable read.

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading




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