2017 Book 07 ‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 07

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‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’ by J. New

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I received this wonderful short story for signing up to the author’s website, after visiting when I had seen images of the beautiful Book 2 ‘The Curse of Arundel Hall’ from ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries’.


I was intrigued, I loved the cover and wanted to know more. I read it immediately I received it and what a wonderful story it was too. Now I feel ready to read the first book.


‘An Accidental Murder’ is the first book in ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery’ series


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Rose Reviews ‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’

This is a beautiful and very descriptive short story about a mysterious yellow cottage with a prime position on a small island. The tale begins with a young girl holidaying with her family on the island. She spots the cottage and seems to fall instantly in love with it.

‘It was painted yellow. Not the bright yellow of bananas or custard, but pale like lemon sherberts or winter sunshine.’

The author gives such beautiful descriptions that I personally was transported to the island, I could almost smell the heady fragrances from the garden foliage. The vibrant colours appeared to dance before my very eyes.The young girl was mesmerised.

‘It spoke to my childish heart of fairy-tales and magic, and I imagined it
was the place where Hansel and Gretel had made their home, having escaped the
wicked witch.’

It is 35yrs before the girl returns, obviously now a young woman about to embark on a new chapter of her life. Well worth signing up on the authors website.

Now I am looking forward to reading the full length stories, this little prequel has whet my appetite.

I give it my top 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



2 thoughts on “2017 Book 07 ‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’

  1. Absolutely loved the little FREEBIE for signing up to the website you should try that just to receive the odd newsletter here and there. The description of the cottage was wonderful. I thought I had put Jacquie’s web address in but I have not so I will go edit that now Sorry 🙂

    Click this link here and then scroll down on the home page https://www.jnewwrites.com/


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