2017 Book 06 ‘In Vitro Lottery’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 06


‘In Vitro Lottery’ by Ed Ryder

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So I have currently put book 05 to one side, as it is reminding me painfully of my teenage years. I have moved onto this eBook, that I can read on my kindle even when it is dark.


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Rose Reviews ‘In Vitro Lottery’

I love SciFi especially the realm of genetic engineering so this book really appeals. I am currently about 20% in and thoroughly enjoying the story.

Thursday 19th January 2017

Oh my goodness this book is now giving me nightmares. I am 68% I was sat reading it in bed very late last night and I came to a part that was really disturbing. It takes a really good book to upset me in such a way but I tell you this it shocked me so much I had to find something else to do to try and get the images out of my head. Scary.

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



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