2017 Book 04 ‘The Travelling Bag’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 04


‘The Travelling Bag & Other Ghostly Stories’ by Susan Hill

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I adore this book it is beautiful to look at, before even picking up and reading because of its wonderfully embossed dust cover.


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Rose Reviews ‘The Travelling Bag & Other Ghostly Stories.’

Everything you could expect from Susan Hill

This book attracted me because of the embossed dust cover as I previously mentioned it is so beautiful (being a touchy feely kind of book lover, yes have often been known to stoke books as I take them off the shelf). Fans of ‘The Woman in Black’ will surely love this a I did.

A collection of four short stories

The Travelling Bag –  this short story should really come with a warning, especially for those of a nervous disposition and a phobia of fluttery creatures. It is a tale within a tale set in old Victorian times. A story of revenge.

When a hardworking scientist falls ill the student he is mentoring steals his research papers, and then disappears to return later an eminent scientist himself.

Boy Twenty-One a wonderful ghost story about two lonely boys who become friends, I loved this one.

Alice Baker a story of mystery and intrigue. Will the office girls get to the bottom of the fact that Alice Baker is a hard worker? No one knows a thing about her and there is often an unpleasant smell surrounding her.

Finally The Front Room the creepiest and scariest story in the collection. The reason I picked up another lighter book to read to get the images out of my head.

Very highly recommended for fans of Susan Hill

For me a real page turner therefore I give it my top 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading



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