2017 Book 02 ‘The Threshold’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 02


‘The Threshold’ by Anita Kovacevic

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So I chose this as my second book of 2017 because I wanted to take the challenge set by ‘The Bookshop Cafe’ reading group on the Goodreads website. They are doing a monthly challenge and the January challenge was to read a book by an author other than from the UK or USA. Anita Kovacevic is from Croatia and I found this wonderful read among my TBR books on my kindle.

Rose Reviews ‘The Threshold’

Creepy Mansions, Urban Legends and Reality TV Shows

The story begins many years ago with an elderly lady Mrs Poole taking her dog for a walk, wearing a brand new hat especially to show it off to the obnoxious Gertrude Bennet who had deemed to call her old hat “a dirty straw mess on a silly old head”.

First however, she must pass the creepy house at the end of her street. She is stopped in her tracks as a piece of paper floats down from one of the windows. ‘It seemed to have been enchanted the way it was dancing and floating, it resembled a giant feather.’ Curiosity gets the better of her and after reading it she faints in the middle of the street.

We move on to learn about the original owner of the mansion, starting with the story of an ungrateful little boy who despises his poor working class parents, taking every penny they can scrape together. Eventually working his way up in the world, no matter who he has to tread on to get ahead and then having a beautiful mansion built. This sadly at the expense of cutting down a majestic oak tree.

Time moves swiftly on bringing us to modern day times, the era of Urban Legends and Reality TV. It is in this time that we meet the down to earth Mike Simmons, a young man who loves his parents and unlike the boy of many moons ago has a great many friends. He is my favourite character of the story, a student of architecture and a big book lover. Now when a TV station decides to make a reality program about the creepy mansion Mike is intrigued and applies to take part, not for the money but to discover the rich architecture and the story behind the Urban Legend.

This story had me turning the pages and being only 108 pages long it was soon devoured.

Highly Recommended so gets a 3 Rose Rating.

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


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