2017 Book 01 ‘The Girl Who Saved Christmas’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 01


‘The Girl Who Saved Christmas’ by Matt Haig

Illustrated by Chris Mould

I bought this on amazon as a little Christmas Treat to myself, but was really surprised when it arrived as it turned out to be a Signed First Edition. Whoop whoo lucky me.


This book is the second seasonal read from Matt Haig it follows on from ‘A Boy Called Christmas’. Although you may be glad to know it is a book that could easily be read as a standalone, as there are lots of references to the story of Father Christmas from Book 1.


The story is set in the mid 1800’s and after one disastrous year when there was no Christmas at all, this time Father Christmas is determined it will go ahead. HOPE is what makes the magic come alive and so the big jolly man in red seeks out the first child ever to receive a gift from him, the child who had the most hope in the world Amelia Wishart.


Amelia unfortunately this year is not so full of hope, and as you can see in the wonderful illustration above is having problems of her own.

A magical seasonal read, that will keep the whole family on the edge of their seat hoping that all will be well. If you have read the first book you will be reunited with old friends like Noosh the elf and introduced to new ones such as Little Nim her son. Some characters are good and some downright creepy. Look out for the wonderful Mary in the workhouse, and be careful you do not bump into Mr Creeper, or any of the Trolls.


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A Boy Called Christmas



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So there you have it my last read of 2016 and my first read of 2017

Seasonal modern classics from Matt Haig


Love these books so they get a 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading 2017




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