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2017 Book 10 ‘DOTTY and the Calendar House Key’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 10

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‘Dotty and the Calendar House Key’ by Emma Warner-Reed

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Rose Reviews ‘Dotty and the Calendar House Key’

This is a children’s book for 8 – 12 year old’s but I simply could not resist picking up a copy to read.

Mmm I can almost smell Mrs Gobbings Cooking ~ Yum yummy

A charming story I believe will appeal to boys and girls alike, along with the young at heart like myself. An ex school librarian. The story begins with a great tragedy and poor Dotty is sent away to live in a sprawling mansion in Yorkshire, with its spooky scritch scratching’s coming from the vast fireplaces and dark sooty chimney’s.

I love the fun times Dotty has on her rollerblades exploring the vast house with its hundreds of windows and rooms, and you cannot help but adore the matronly Mrs Gobbing’s the cook/housekeeper with her round face and equally round body, clad in mop-cap and apron. Always it seems, is the woman covered in a dusting of flour. When cooking the images seem to raise from the page like the scents of the baking when the oven door is opened. Mm pies the story has me thinking of pies oh and gingerbread houses as the story is set close to Christmas.

The house has a mystery surrounding it and it is at times scary for Dotty to try and unravel it. I really do not want to say anything else because I hate to spoil any surprises but it was a very enjoyable read.

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading




2017 Book 09 ‘The Curse of Arundel Hall’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 09

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‘The Curse of Arundel Hall’ by J. New

Book 2 of ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries’


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Rose Reviews ‘The Curse of Arundel Hall’

I absolutely LOVE this series, it is correct what the blurb says – ‘Miss Marple meets the Ghost Whisperer’.

Reading this beautifully crafted murder mystery, set in 1930s the words sometimes made me reminisce about Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ from my youth.

J. New throws little teasers into the tale, making your mind work hard trying to puzzle out the murderer. Our main character Isobella Bridges is a widow at only 23 years of age, but since she has returned to the island of her childhood holidays and purchased ‘The Yellow Cottage’, her fairlytale dream has come true, and her life has been turned around.

She also happens to have inherited a cat but no ordinary pet is he, but one who can manifest himself at will, sometimes strolling through walls and at others becoming as solid as a real animal. She has named him Phantom and he is her little sidekick when she is  out partaking of her new hobby to get to the bottom of every mystery thrown into her path. Like the murder at Arundel Hall.

The language is wonderful and the colourful characters only enhance the drama. Esther Shaw housekeeper-cum-cook is a ‘short stocky woman with iron grey short hair, an almost military bearing in both stance and attitude’.

There is Doctor Nathanial Brookes ‘tall and handsome with startling green eyes and dark red hair’ could he be a new love interest for Isobella?

Sir Robert Harlow is the current owner of Arundel Hall who happens to have found love with an American starlet Patty-Mae Ludere. Usually Sir Robert is found to be wearing his gentlemanly ‘Harris Tweed with his more salt than pepper coloured hair and trimmed beard which give him an air of sophistication’ but with Patty-Mae on the scene his whole persona seems to have changed and he has rather become a laughing stock of the village. Now sporting ‘poorly dyed black slicked back hair, white flannel trousers and a powder blue jacket topped by a navy and white polka dot cravat, and matching handkerchief’ ludicrous attire for the cold spring weather, so the author informs us.

The local historian Harriet Dinworthy is also the village librarian and esteemed author she is helping Isobella uncover the mystery surrounding the secret room she discovered in the cottage. It also seems that Harriet has a secret crush on Robert who was an old friend from days gone by.

It is during an elaborate but small dinner party, up at Arundel Hall that the murder takes place and one really must wonder if it could have been the butler Hobbes, he knows all the short cuts of the mansion, and moves around the hall practically in silence.

We also have the not so likeable character of Edgar Rutherford for although he is ‘devastatingly handsome, thick blond hair with a side parting swept back from astonishingly blue eyes framed with long lashes’ there is something amiss.

For me this was a real page-turner it made my mind work overtime trying to puzzle out who the murderer could be.

Very Highly Recommended

I therefore give it my highest rating of 3 Roses

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


2017 Book 08 ‘An Accidental Murder’


2017 Goodreads Challenge 08

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‘An Accidental Murder’ by J. New

Book 1 of ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries’


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Rose Reviews ‘An Accidental Murder’

This is a GREAT book, a story of bygone days. On amazon some one described it like this:-

‘Miss Marple meets The Ghost Whisperer’ – Perfect For Fans of Golden Age Murder Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, Clean Reads and British Amateur Sleuths

This sums it up really well. I loved the little freebie that I received by signing up to the authors website (see review on a previous post).  A prequel to this first book in the series. The descriptions of the Yellow Cottage’ were truly wonderful I felt as if I were actually viewing the property for myself.

In this first full story we meet some truly wonderful characters but my favourite has got to be Phantom the cat, inherited with the cottage apparently, and the model of the front covers of the books.

It was a pleasure meeting Ella and her brother Jerry a writer, along with his wife Ginny the pair seem to want to fix Ella up on a date (sadly she is a widow though happy to be alone). It is at a family gathering that she is introduced to the enigmatic Peter Clairmont who Jerry met at a Fund-Raising Event for for a local orphanage. However, but there is more to Mr Clairmont than meets the eye.

I simply adored the old fashioned script it made me reminisce on old Enid Blyton stories. Very enjoyable I do not want to say anymore in case I give too much away. I love the way this story is woven and I would recommend you give it a go.

I could not put this book down, so I give it my top 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


2017 Book 07 ‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 07

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‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’ by J. New

For a FREE copy of the above visit the author home page HERE

Then scroll down and click – Claim your free book

I received this wonderful short story for signing up to the author’s website, after visiting when I had seen images of the beautiful Book 2 ‘The Curse of Arundel Hall’ from ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries’.


I was intrigued, I loved the cover and wanted to know more. I read it immediately I received it and what a wonderful story it was too. Now I feel ready to read the first book.


‘An Accidental Murder’ is the first book in ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery’ series


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Rose Reviews ‘The Yellow Cottage Mystery’

This is a beautiful and very descriptive short story about a mysterious yellow cottage with a prime position on a small island. The tale begins with a young girl holidaying with her family on the island. She spots the cottage and seems to fall instantly in love with it.

‘It was painted yellow. Not the bright yellow of bananas or custard, but pale like lemon sherberts or winter sunshine.’

The author gives such beautiful descriptions that I personally was transported to the island, I could almost smell the heady fragrances from the garden foliage. The vibrant colours appeared to dance before my very eyes.The young girl was mesmerised.

‘It spoke to my childish heart of fairy-tales and magic, and I imagined it
was the place where Hansel and Gretel had made their home, having escaped the
wicked witch.’

It is 35yrs before the girl returns, obviously now a young woman about to embark on a new chapter of her life. Well worth signing up on the authors website.

Now I am looking forward to reading the full length stories, this little prequel has whet my appetite.

I give it my top 3 Rose Rating

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading


West Midlands Valentines Book Signing & 1940s Ball


 The West Midlands Valentine’s Book Signing &

★.•°*°•.★ 1940’s Ball ★.•°*°•.★


This February the 4th is set to be a day filled with books, romance, laughter, and live 1940’s style music, all thanks to The West Midlands Valentine’s Book Signing & 1940’s Ball. With over 25 confirmed authors covering genres such as romance, chick-lit, erotica, young adult, horror, and children’s fiction, there is sure to be something here for you or your loved one just in time for Valentine’s Day. Or at least something to occupy the kids with.
When the door close to the signing at 16:30 we will be reopening them at 19:30 for our 1940’s swing ball, where The Vintage Vocalist will take to the stage and take us back in time with classics from The Andrew Sisters, Vera Lynn, Anne Shelton, and many more. (1940’s dress is very much encouraged but not essential).
So, why not come and mingle with the authors and get those books signed before joining them for a swing around the dancefloor?
Maria Gibbs & I will be attending as

‘Roses & Dreams’



*Tickets to the signing will be available on the door

* Children under 16 years of age enter the signing for FREE, but must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times.

* Tickets to the ball will NOT be available on the day and need to be pre-ordered before January 27th – All attendees to the ball must be over the age of 18 years.

Event Address:

Casey’s, Cordingley Hall, Wellington Road, Telford TF2 8JS

★.•°*°•.★ Social Links ★.•°*°•.★


#BooksAreNotFree 02

In February there will be a wonderful author event based all around this Hashtag


For more details of the online Facebook event click HERE


The event has been organised by the wonderful Rose Montague, her post on social media inspired so many people that a five day event has been set up, with half hourly author slots which are now full. Come and join this event, meet the authors pick up a book or two if your budget can stretch to it. Guaranteed no freebies but you will find more genres under one roof than you will anywhere else (aside from bookshops or online markets such as Amazon)

Event details:

Over 100 authors
Not a single book will be given away
Not a single prize will be awarded
Just some fantastic authors
With great books
At reasonable prices

Sat 11 Feb
2PM Rose Montague (Intro & Pep talk)
2:30 PM Monica Mertz
3:00 PM Veronica Del Rosa
3:30 PM Jen Winters
4:00 PM Theresa Jacobs
4:30 PM Sonnet O’Dell
5:00 PM S H Pratt
5:30 PM Clair de Lune
6:00 PM Aoife Marie Sheridan
6:30 PM Angel M Vosvick-Waggoner
7:00 PM John Hancock
7:30 PM Bailey Ziehmer
8:00 PM Barbara Winkes
8:30 PM M.L. Spencer
9:00 PM AJ Kohler
9:30 PM Claudette Nicole Melanson
10:00 PM Jesse Frankel
10:30 PM Elizabeth Ann Davis
11:00 PM Ani Manjikan
11:30 PM (daily wrap up)

Sun 12 Feb
6:00 AM (Daily Intro-Host)
6:30 AM Gillian Joy
7:00 AM Grace Rose Thomas
7:30 AM Maria Gibbs
8:00 AM Fiona Skye
8:30 AM Stuart Murray
9:00 AM Laurie Vincent
9:30 AM Melissa McArthur Gilbert
10:00 AM Cindy J Smith
10:30 AM Iyana Jenna
11:00 AM Krista Pakseresht
11:30 AM Karen Mossman
Noon Karina Kantas
12:30 PM Audrina Lane
1:00 PM Regina Partap
1:30 PM Cris Pasqueralle
2:00 PM Miranda Brock
2:30 PM Mistral Dawn
3:00 PM JF Holland
3:30 PM Gemma Roman
4:00 PM Flora McGregor
4:30 PM Erika Szabo
5:00 PM Joe Bonadonna
5:30 PM Michael Dellert
6:00 PM Heather Blomquist
6:30 PM Nancy Rollins
7:00 PM Courtney Shockey
7:30 PM Tima Maria Lacoba
8:00 PM Char Webster
8:30 PM Marsha Moore
9:00 PM Kurt Springs
9:30 PM Nicole Davis
10:00 PM Joe Compton
10:30 PM Deidre Mapstone
11:00 PM Carol Kauffman
11:30 PM (daily wrap up)

Mon 13 Feb
6:00 AM (Daily Intro-Host)
6:30 AM JoAnne Van Leedham
7:00 AM Alex James
7:30 AM Brianna West
8:00 AM Bri Amari
8:30 AM Susan Gibbons
9:00 AM Jennifer Thompson
9:30 AM Heather Ann Osborne
10:00 AM Michela Homer
10:30 AM Devorah Fox
11:00 AM Beverly Lee
11:30 AM Jennifer A Thomas
Noon H.C. Bentley
12:30 PM Tom Tinney
1:00 PM Peter Churchill
1:30 PM Dawn Chapman
2:00 PM Cindy Schneider
2:30 PM Lynn Lamb
3:00 PM Monte Dutton
3:30 PM Gary Morgenstern
4:00 PM Lu Whitley
4:30 PM Karen McFarland
5:00 PM Shakyra Dunn
5:30 PM Stephanie Ayers
6:00 PM Trey McIntosh
6:30 PM Sandie Will
7:00 PM Maggie Anderson
7:30 PM Juli D. Revezzo
8:00 PM Kade Cook
8:30 PM Emmy Gatrell
9:00 PM Colen Evans
9:30 PM Sarah Buhrman
10:00 PM Barbara Chioffi
10:30 PM Sarina Langer
11:00 PM Jeanette O’Hagan
11:30 PM (daily wrap up)

Tues 14 Feb
6:00 AM (Daily Intro-Host)
6:30 AM Dianna Wyles
7:00 AM Jennifer Malone Wright
7:30 AM Georgia Mathers
8:00 AM Cori Nicole Smith
8:30 AM Joe Sledge
9:00 AM Joe Ganzer
9:30 AM Maretha Menichini
10:00 AM Dianne Astle
10:30 AM Jane Anthony
11:00 AM C.S. Wooley
11:30 AM Suzi Albracht
Noon Alexis Danielle Allinson
12:30 PM Isadora Montrose
1:00 PM Amy Richie
1:30 PM Pletcha PJ Webb
2:00 PM Kasper Beaumont
2:30 PM Kelly Erickson
3:00 PM Stephen Hunt
3:30 PM Julie Stanley
4:00 PM Tom Fallwell
4:30 PM Cree Storm
5:00 PM Tiger Herbert
5:30 PM JJ King
6:00 PM Jessica Gomez
6:30 PM A M Rycroft
7:00 PM Ashley Uzzell
7:30 PM Marie Krepps
8:00 PM D.j. Ruggiero
8:30 PM Heather Ellen Yamauchi
9:00 PM Beth Honeycutt
9:30 PM Shelli Humphrey
10:00 PM Christopher Paniccia
10:30 PM Debbie Manber Kupfer
11:00 PM Jessica Fisette
11:30 PM (daily wrap up)

Wed 15 Feb
6:00 AM (Daily Intro-Host)
6:30 AM Sarina Langer
7:00 AM Sarah J Hilder
7:30 AM Miriam Averna
8:00 AM Jane Ederlyn
8:30 AM Owen Mullen
9:00 AM Annie Buff
9:30 AM Claire Marta
10:00 AM Lucinda Clarke
10:30 AM Lindsay Johnston
11:00 AM Devon West
11:30 AM Zorha Edwards
Noon Romarin Demetri
12:30 PM Jennifer Brown
1:00 PM Jason Crawford
1:30 PM Candace Osmond
2:00 PM Lily Amis
2:30 PM Jeanne Felfe
3:30 PM S A Gibson
4:00 PM Eva Gordon
4:30 PM Parker Sinclair
5:00 PM Kristy Nicole
5:30 PM Scott Carruba
6:00 PM Mirren Hogan
6:30 PM R.L, Weeks
7:00 PM CJ Rutherford
7:30 PM A.T. Brennan
8:00 PM Debbie Dickerson
8:30 PM Niki Livingston Walker
9:00 PM Dawn Ibanez
9:30 PM Barbara Custer
10:00 PM Tia Siren/Amy Brent
10:30 PM Markie Jordan-Madden
11:00 PM (Event wrap up)

Look out for this event because it should be phenomenal. Let’s claim back a fair price for a job well done.


There will be something here for everyone please help #SpreadTheWord


Happy Reading

3 Rose Rating


2017 Book 06 ‘In Vitro Lottery’

2017 Goodreads Challenge 06


‘In Vitro Lottery’ by Ed Ryder

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So I have currently put book 05 to one side, as it is reminding me painfully of my teenage years. I have moved onto this eBook, that I can read on my kindle even when it is dark.


To buy on click HERE

Rose Reviews ‘In Vitro Lottery’

I love SciFi especially the realm of genetic engineering so this book really appeals. I am currently about 20% in and thoroughly enjoying the story.

Thursday 19th January 2017

Oh my goodness this book is now giving me nightmares. I am 68% I was sat reading it in bed very late last night and I came to a part that was really disturbing. It takes a really good book to upset me in such a way but I tell you this it shocked me so much I had to find something else to do to try and get the images out of my head. Scary.

3 Rose Rating

Happy Reading