Work In Progress ‘Shoe Shorts’ 02


So as promised a little bit more on my WIP

Today a sneak peek at the first story which is the title of the book too.

‘One Night In Fabulous Shoes’

(Unedited teaser)

OK so here I am, like I said playing wallflower, awaiting my turn to be escorted around the floor by one of the elderly brethren doing his fatherly duty so to speak. These events draw mainly couples and most of them have shared a life-time with each other, very loyal. It is very rare for single males to grace the event but there was ‘something in the air tonight’ (“Oh lord”, sorry bit of Genesis popped into my head then) or maybe it was the glass or three of red I had consumed whilst toasting ‘His Worshipful Master’ Hic!

Suddenly I had a ‘Westside Story’ moment the music slowed and the dance floor cleared. Across the room was a pure vision of gentle-manliness. Yes, tall dark and most certainly handsome, he seemed to be wearing some type of dress uniform; very dapper (I can use that word as we are currently at an old fashioned event and etiquette allows me to use it).

And here are the shoes that inspired the tale


Silver Roland Cartier Shoes, you have to agree they are totally fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. I am giving away 5 PDF copies of the story during our special ‘Roses & Dreams Christmas Party on Facebook

Why not drop by and say Hi, lots of fun, games and giveaways

To join the party on Sunday 18th December from 15:00hrs GMT click below

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