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Coming Soon – A Boy from the Streets

Two babies abandoned at birth: one grows up in a life of privilege and the other  in poverty. Love, betrayal, murder, hopes & dreams Twin boys are born on the 12 September 1981 in a hospital in…

Source: Coming Soon – A Boy from the Streets



Well how exciting has this week been. For Maria Gibbs and I, it started on Sunday 18th December 2016 with our wonderful ‘Roses & Dreams Christmas Party’

Roses & Dreams Christmas

I am at this moment in time checking through all the posts, and games to find winners.

One winner I can announce is Claudette Nicole Melanson

Click HERE to visit her Facebook Page

Claudette won the package for a January Sales Promo throughout Social Media. She won this by inviting the most people who actually attended. So Thank YOU.


This wonderful author has a beautiful soul and helps her fellow Indie Authors all the time so she is very deserving of a prize like this.

Here are two of the #BooksWeLove from Claudette very highly recommended.


To check out all the books by this wonderful author check on amaxon




We hope you enjoyed your little visit, do drop by again.


The West Midlands Valentines Book Signing & 1940’s Ball!

Don’t miss out on The West Midlands Valentines Book Signing 2017! The following authors will be there signing books, giving out swag, raffle prizes and other cool stuff!
Then in the evening there will be a 1940’s ball, starring ‘The Vintage Singer’.



Sat 4 February 2017
10:30 – 23:30 GMT


Casey’s, Cordingley Hall
 United Kingdom
Tickets can be purchased here:
Facebook page:

The West Midlands Book Signing Pin-Up Calendar 2017

The Perfect Christmas Present for Any Book Lover!
Some of the authors attending ‘The West Midlands Valentines Book Signing’ on February 4th 2017 in Telford, got together to pose with their books and bare a little stocking top.
None of these women are models, neither are they particularly self-confident, but they have pushed their own body issues to the side and cracked on, all for charity.
The calendar is now available to purchase, and all proceeds made will be donated to
The West Midlands Book Signing’s chosen charity.
Each and every lady who participated in the calendar is attending The West Midlands Book Signing, so grab yourself a copy and come and get each month signed.
Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself.

The Calendar Girls:


Audrina Lane, C.A.Bell, Holly J Gill, Laura Morgan, Lindsey Jayne,
Maddie Wade,Nicola C Priest, R.G.Corr, Rose English,
Sophia Valentine, and TL Wainwright.

 West Midlands Valentines Book Signing & 1940s Ball

For more information about attending authors, models, tickets and links visit the WordPress page by clicking the heart below


Calendar Purchase Link:
Facebook Calendar Page:
Facebook Book Signing Page:
Finally, would you like to know a little secret,  I was Ms February here is a sneak peek
Also check out this wonderful video showcasing some of
the many books by the attending authors.
Hope to see you there
All your support is very much appreciated!
Thank you!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



It’s Here Roses & Dreams Christmas Party

‘Celebrate Christmas with Roses & Dreams’


Sunday 18th December 2016 from 15:00hrs (GMT)

So the day has finally arrived when my lovely author friend Maria Gibbs and I find out if we are ready to host our 2nd Online Facebook Christmas Party. Why not come and say Hi all from the comfort of your own home (Or where ever you may be?) Eat, drink and be Merry.

There will be lots of fun, games and giveaways. A great many number of our Indie Author Friends will be joining us and lots of them have very kindly donated FREE eBooks for you to win.

Maria will be doing a special ‘Cover Reveal’ for a wonderful new book that I have had the great pleasure of reading as an ARC or Advance Reading Copy. If you want to know more get yourself over to Facebook no time like the present (even if it is before or after the party event). There are lots of things for you to check out especially a whole host of #BooksWeLove. Below are just a small selection. To join the party click below

Join the Party HERE

Thanks for dropping by, do call again and tell your book reader friends.

Thank you



#WIP ‘Seal Mother’ December 2016

‘Seal Mother’ by Rose English


The beautiful illustration on the cover was penned by the wonderful artist Abigail Ryder

called ‘Daughter of the Selkies’

The text and background cover done by the wonderful JC Clarke visit her Etsy store

Click HERE

I thought this little folktale finished, yet I find myself expanding the book so people will hopefully get their money’s worth. I have done this by adding a further story this time of a handsome selkie male. An old folktale from the Shetland Isles check the tune below on the video.

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’

Here now follows a small teaser of ‘Seal Mother’ followed by my own little video from YouTube


I do hope you enjoyed these little treats, I would love to read your thoughts please do drop me a line in the comments below.

Thank You


Work In Progress ‘Shoe Shorts’ 02


So as promised a little bit more on my WIP

Today a sneak peek at the first story which is the title of the book too.

‘One Night In Fabulous Shoes’

(Unedited teaser)

OK so here I am, like I said playing wallflower, awaiting my turn to be escorted around the floor by one of the elderly brethren doing his fatherly duty so to speak. These events draw mainly couples and most of them have shared a life-time with each other, very loyal. It is very rare for single males to grace the event but there was ‘something in the air tonight’ (“Oh lord”, sorry bit of Genesis popped into my head then) or maybe it was the glass or three of red I had consumed whilst toasting ‘His Worshipful Master’ Hic!

Suddenly I had a ‘Westside Story’ moment the music slowed and the dance floor cleared. Across the room was a pure vision of gentle-manliness. Yes, tall dark and most certainly handsome, he seemed to be wearing some type of dress uniform; very dapper (I can use that word as we are currently at an old fashioned event and etiquette allows me to use it).

And here are the shoes that inspired the tale


Silver Roland Cartier Shoes, you have to agree they are totally fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. I am giving away 5 PDF copies of the story during our special ‘Roses & Dreams Christmas Party on Facebook

Why not drop by and say Hi, lots of fun, games and giveaways

To join the party on Sunday 18th December from 15:00hrs GMT click below

Join the Party HERE

Thanks for visiting, love to read your thoughts below.


Work In Progress ‘Shoe Shorts’


Hello, so I thought it was about time I brought you up to date. I did start another website, unfortunately the costs to renew were way too high and they shut me down. As I was posting there and not here you lovely people may have missed out. So please forgive me.

In November I took part in the NaNoWriMo Challenge, to write a 50,000 word story in one month. I just about scraped through but the basis of the project was a collection of short stories based on or inspired by shoes that I own (or did).

The idea came to me after spotting some beautiful tempting book covers by my lovely graphic designer friend JC Clarke. Check out her Etsy Shop by clicking HERE.

The image at the top of the page was just one such cover, I bought a set of 3.

I had it in my head to call the book something like ‘The Life of Shoes’ (or Su’s Shoe Shorts) but then I saw the lovely image above and started writing my first short story, I decided to add the words Fabulous Shoes and there was the title. ‘One Night in Fabulous Shoes’

I came out with some weird and wacky ideas over that month so come back and visit again to see how the work progresses.

Thanks for dropping by. Oh by the way here is just a small selection of my shoes. Enjoy.

Pink Rose