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Work In Progress (WIP) ‘Rainbows & Roses’

Happy Monday

My current W.I.P. is a book of Poetry & Prose, I hope to get it printed in time for the first UK Indie Literary Festival being held in Bradford, UK in July 2016. There are some wonderful Indie Authors appearing and I would say there will probably be something there for everyone. The authors write across most genre. Click UK Indie Lit Fest above to be taken to their web page.

So back to my WIP the book will consist of a couple of my short stories the main feature being ‘One Breath ~ A Short Story’ I won second prize for in ‘The Daily Bookworm’ competition 2014. It is available as a download but I want to have it available in a print format too. Here is a little teaser from ‘One ~ Breath’

Short story,


Also a sample of my poetry I hope it makes you smile?

poetry #WIP #smile

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Fondest Regards

Rose English

Pink Rose


Here is my interview with Rose English

How lovely to be featured on this wonderful blog by Fiona. Thank you I feel very honored. 🙂


Name Rose English

Age Mid 50s

Where are you from Hereford, West Midlands, UK

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I was born aYorkshire lass in a mining village. My father was Hungarian and came to the UK late 1950’s he worked as a miner but unfortunately lost his life in a cave-in at the coalface. My mum brought 3 children up singlehandedly me being the eldest. She was very strict but taught us well and brought us up with good manners and her moto was ‘Be whoever you want to be.’

My siblings are extremely intelligent but I always had to work really hard at my school work. I have had a great love of reading from a very early age and I always remember we had so many books we set up our own little library in the garden shed loaning out…

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Mom, Dad, and Dustin on the Beach of the Great Salt Lake 1997 by Darcy Leech

I have to share this beautiful poem, the words bring to life before your very eyes, the deeply intimate insight of one families suffering. Written by the surviving daughter of a mother with a hidden disease.

Quote from the poem:-

‘My mom’s smile is genuine,
A lilac beaming
In the presence of her Sun.’

The words reach into your very soul.

Fondest Regards Rose


My mom’s smile is genuine,Photo Poem by Darcy Leech

A lilac beaming

In the presence of her Sun.

Indentions in the sand prove

Time’s linear progression,

Her hair yet unblighted,

Carrying midnight’s consistency.

Clear tracks fading as the

Movement slips further

In the past.


High, soft,

In summer’s hue,


Each step’s unknown impact,

A future looking back.

My father’s strength:

One whose

Life is in his arms.

Squinting past the camera,

He rests upon a rock

Like caramel corn half eaten,

Just to the left

Of man-made concrete convention

Daylight’s eraser

Removing color to his right.

Dustin sits

In my father’s lap,

Open mouth of a drooling

Big mouth bass;

Muscle toneSalt Lake Poem

Of a well exercised

Jelly fish,

He looks at me

Half aware;

His wheelchair

Perched at the edge

Of parking lot gravel grafted

Like a scar on nature’s beach,

Opening to the ironic splendor

Of a bitter tasting lake.


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Part 2 Missed Days for the #ChristmasCountdown with @UKIndieLitFest1

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151225 UkIndieLitFest Christmas

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Well I know for sure that there is a least one author in our group that will appeal to you. Check out some of the wonderful books they have to offer on Amazon (for .com you only need to replace the in the top http line with .com to be taken to the same book on the .com site).

Happy Reading:-)

Fondest Wishes Rose

Pink Rose