‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ Teaser 4

Here is a little teaser of my work today, of course it is very rough it was done for NaNoWriMo don’t forget, which means you write and ignore all the corrections and editing. The idea is to merely get out the bare bones of a story. This is the tale of Albert Breeze another part of ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’.

‘Blown in on a Summer Breeze’

‘The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’ by Rose English

Blown in on a Summer Breeze

The child arrived blown in on a summer breeze in the year of our Lord 1846.

Under the shadow of darkness the coach reached its destination, at this point the child was ensconced in its mother’s large, aching belly. She was a nameless pretty, pale red head, dosed up with laudanum to prevent her screaming out, announcing her mysterious arrival. No one saw or heard the carriage rumble into the village along the dry dusty, rutted road.

The journey had been very slow going in the darkness. The coachman Wilfred (or Wilf) and his daughter had been handsomely paid by a rich old lady back in Liverpool. The pair was given strict instructions to take good care of the package they were to deliver. Having a reputation for delivering very delicate packages anywhere in the country with no questions asked, they were the pair selected for the task. The team were very highly recommended to the lady.

The father and daughter team asked no questions and kept their mouths shut. A letter was given to the Wilf with a plain red wax seal upon it giving away no identity of the old lady. The letter was to be given to Martha Hubble care of Cherry Blossom House Orphanage. Once the task was complete the coachman would receive the second half of his payment from Martha. No questions asked.

Beatrice the coachman’s daughter had gone along to keep the pregnant woman calm and watch over her, to protect the unborn child she suspected that the child was the product of a tryst between the old woman’s son and they were sending it away to prevent disgrace, the old money often did this, covered up their dirty laundry. The poor child being left without parents probably ending up on the streets begging or in the workhouse as forced labour for little more than a crumb of bread and a cup of water to last the whole day.

Bea was shocked when they arrived in the northern corner of the county heading towards the Lake District. The little village was neat with little compact cottages gathered around the village green like children hanging on to the apron strings of the mother standing tall and proud the stately orphanage that was Cherry Blossom House. The orphanage so named on account of the big now skeletal cherry tree standing in the front garden to the right of the property. The moonlight shone behind casting its shadow out far across the village green tall and imposing.

“Whoa, whoa there boys” Wilf called out gently to the horses.

They stopped adjacent to the gate and the break was applied. Wilf took out his matches and lit the lamp hanging on the carriage.

“Sounds like we’ve arrived miss” said Bea pulling down the window and leaning out. She jumped back a little as her father hopped down and waved the lamp in front of her face.

“Alright lass, looks like this is it.”

The pretty maid was shivering and her face screwed up with pain. Wilf had picked her up standing on the road out of Liverpool. Caught unexpectedly by a summer storm she was drenched. Beatrice quick thinking had hustled the young woman into the carriage she had warm blankets inside and immediately wrapped the girl up tight. Wilf was on his way in an instant and as they rumbled along the road the girl leaving Liverpool for probably the last time Bea hastened to dry her off as quickly as possible.
A flask of brandy was offered to the girl laced with laudanum to help ease any pain and to keep her quiet on the journey. Hopefully she would sleep most of the way?

The pregnant maid had indeed slept, but fitfully calling out something that sounded like a pray. Bea watched her eyes move franticly from side to side beneath her closed pale delicate lids. Now they had arrived the girl was wide awake and shivering her sodden clothes beneath the blankets obviously cold against her delicate skin and bringing on the chills.

“It’s alright miss we have been told that you will be in good hands with these people”

Wilf opened the carriage door and held his hand out to assist the young woman little more than a child herself. Bea helped the woman up from the seat turning her and her mighty belly towards her father who reached forward gently.

“Come miss I’ve got you, just lean your hands upon my shoulders and I will help lift you out.”

She did as instructed and Wilf lifted her as if she were a mere feather and placed her firmly on the dry dusty ground. She glanced toward the house and saw a light in the glass of the front door which was up a grand stone stairway. Although the house was tall and imposing the warm glow of the light was welcoming. She was still scared. Suddenly the pain increased she let out a howl and dropped down onto her knees. Her head was bowed and the blankets fell to the ground the cool breeze stinging her cold arms through the damp material of her dress.

Beatrice jumped down gathered up the blankets and threw them over the young woman. At the same time she heard footsteps rushing down the concrete stairs of the house, a large round barrel of a woman rushed forward pushing Wilf out of the way

“Coming through young man watch yourself.”
She gripped hold of the blankets and pulled the girl up from the ground wrapping her tight in her arms
“Oh you poor child, you poor poor child. Come let’s get you inside how you do shiver.”
The woman had a gentle voice, full of caring words she coaxed the girl to take steps towards the warm welcoming light at the top of the stairs. The girl leaned her head upon the woman’s shoulders and let herself be led away from the bumpy carriage. If the journey had been much longer surely her baby would have been jiggled right out of her before she could reach her destination. She knew not where she was heading she just knew that Cuthbert had told her she would be safe. Far away from her uncaring father and not sent to a convent as was his plan.

She did in fact feel safe with this plump motherly person guiding her forward. The stairs were quite a chore but the warm glow from behind the closed door coaxed her ever onwards with the prospect of a warm cosy bed, and something warm to put in her tummy. Her strength was gone, she felt ready to drop. The baby had settled low in her abdomen and she felt she just wanted to push it right out of her.

Another large round face greeted her at the top of the stairs with its mop cap, lace catching on the cool nights summer breeze. Arms reached out and helped pull her inside. The coachman stood with the horses but the young girl who had been her companion on the journey followed closely behind with her small carpet bag containing only essential belongings from her home that was now lost to her forever due to her indiscretion with Cuthbert.

Her beautiful wild haired Bertie, now they were away from her father maybe they could be together, marry and bring the child up with a mother and father that would love it for always and forever. Another pain gripped her she could not help but scream out, she was saved from dropping to her knees this time by the kindly face at the door and the plump woman guiding her and of course from Beatrice standing behind.

The women were able to pull her inside and a seat was pulled up to the fire in the very warm welcoming hallway.

Beatrice’s mouth dropped open in astonishment when she felt the heat and looked around at the beautiful hallway. The two women she could tell were sisters both portly but with big full moon shaped faces complete with ruddy pink cheeks and soft grey curls escaping their pristine white cotton caps.

“Rest a while” said the one who had come outside to assist, as she helped seat the young woman before the fire.

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