Day 26 #NaNoWriMo ‘No Words Exchanged’ Inspired :-)

NaNoWriMo ARGH!!! Just typed a whole new blog post and the bloody pc wiped it out before I could save it ARGH!!!

Will not get caught out again am saving after each SENTENCE!

 Well I started with wishing everyone ‘Happy Thursday’ but it is not so bloomin’ happy for me now.

Yesterday the group that I help promote UK Indie Lit Fest 2016 finally got their venue and date sorted out for their first ever Indie Author Event. Whoop Whoo!

@UKIndieLitFest1Click Here to check out their Twitter Page

Well an added bonus is that they are doing an anthology to showcase the Indie Authors taking part and I have been invited to contribute a story myself. How exciting is that? So as we are still in the last days of NaNoWriMo I am inspired once more to achieve my goal of 50,000 words (even though it is as short stories). Here is a very rough sample of my story possibly for the anthology:-

 ‘No Words Exchanged’

Today is The Anniversary.

The mood had been set from the very breaking of day. One solitary soloist began to lead the orchestration of the dawn chorus. As the melody arose in crescendo the first glimmers of sunlight shone through the trees, and into the bedchamber. The golden rays of sunshine kissed the cottage, then each softly sleeping shadow, was coaxed to arise from their eternal slumber and take, once again their true form.

It had not been the birds that stirred Emmeline from her dream state, but the very much expected presence of her adored husband. Through sleep misted eyes Emmy sought and found Alfie as tall and proud as ever. He was dressed in brown woollen trousers held up over his slender but toned body by wide leather braces. His crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled up above the elbows was almost luminous. The sunlight was wrapping him in a soft golden halo giving him an almost saintly appearance.

When their eyes locked, Alfie’s smile broadened and illuminated the cosy bedchamber, bringing warmth greater than the sun could ever bring. Emmeline had hardly slept due to the excitement and great expectation of this very day. After returning Alfie’s smile her eyelids softly closed, and she slipped into a gentle slumber.

Alfie seated himself in his familiar worn leather chair, it had lived at the foot of the bed in the same spot for many a year. He had always been an early riser; dressed and seated he would gaze lovingly upon his sleeping beauty, marvelling at how lucky a man he was.

It was the distant chiming of old Grandfather Time, standing majestic and tall in the cottage parlour that lured Emmeline from sleep. Before seeing, she felt the very presence of her dearest darling husband, knowing he would be seated beyond the foot of the bed.

With a stretch and a yawn Emmy’s small frail body unfurled, seeming to almost fill the snug, worn bed. Today she would not lay and languish beneath the covers. It was their special moment. The anniversary, so not a moment would she lose. With sprightliness belying her age, the cotton covers were thrown back. One vast, white billowing sheet for a moment, obscuring Alfie, who was indeed, sat beaming in his chair. Always marvelling at the way his dear Emmy managed to sometimes acquire such youthful strength.

Within moments she had scrambled from the high warm bed and slipped her tiny childlike feet into her old soft, worn leather boots. Reaching toward the door she pulled her thick, woollen shawl from the hook on which it rested. Lifting the warm material she very delicately, danced a pirouette into it, coming out of the slow spin facing Alfie.

Sparkling eyes met, each smiling warmly upon the others. Raising fingers to ruby lips, Emmy bestowed a kiss upon the tips, and then proceeded to blow it tenderly to her beloved. Alfie raised his big right hand, caught the kiss within the palm and curled his fist protectively over it. Holding on for a few precious moments, he slowly lowered his clenched hand and pressed it to his chest. Fingers’ unfurling, the kiss was released into his heart.

Once again with a jauntiness that belied her advanced years, Emmy opened the door and entered the small dull hallway. Only a mere fragment of sunlight entered here, through the tiny square glass in the cottage door. Pulling back the heavy black iron bolt, and then turning the key, Emmeline opened the door and stepped from the cottage. Alfie heard her tinkling laughter as she made her way to the little outhouse to relieve herself.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little teaser, watch out for more coming soon.

Happy Reading & Writing 🙂


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