Day 25 #NaNoWriMo Handwritten notes again

So whilst I have been sitting in bed reading I have also been making notes for a short story to go into ‘Rainbows & Roses ~ Poetry & Prose’

‘Rosetta’s Story’

Rosetta Hubble is a key character in my extended version of ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ she is a wonderful young woman her role is to take care of Cornelia (Cee Cee) when she is a child. Rosetta is the nursemaid.

Born in 1835 Rosie was brought up in a family of strong women, she particularly liked to help out her aunt Martha who was the village nurse and midwife. At a very young age she leaves home to go to the big city to work in one of the new hospitals as a nurse. Already highly skilled Rosie learns quickly and shines bright among the other nurses who are much older.

In my story Rosie goes to the Crimea with Florence Nightingale (although in reality no young nurses were allowed but this is a story of fiction and magic with a little background history thrown in the mix). She is only 19yrs old but a real asset.

For the story, I am doing also some background research taking notes from the diaries of the nuns who also went along with Miss Nightingale. Conditions were terrible and more soldiers died in the filthy disease riddled hospital at Scutari than they did on the battlefield.

NaNoWriMoThis is an old image of the hospital at Scutari where Florence Nightingale and her nurses were sent.

Well I still have a very long way to go by the end of the month but hopefully will get more done at the weekend. Fingers crossed I so want to get to 50,000 words.

My current total stands at

29,741 NaNoWriMo words approx.

Thanks for dropping by Happy Reading & Writing 🙂


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