Day 8 #NaNoWriMo Character POVs


Busy day today,  I achieved 3,146 words. My total is now 15,205 whoop whoo.

I won’t say is was easy though, I was working on my final edit of my little Christmas short story.  I find it so difficult writing from different Points of Views (POVs), so it has been a bit of a nightmare trying to sort it out.


Thanks for dropping by. Happy Reading & Writing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 8 #NaNoWriMo Character POVs

  1. Wow! You are going some. Good luck with taking the challenge Rose. I don’t think I have the dedication but it is interesting watching your progress. I find the opposite. I tend to see everyone’s point of view and sometimes need to work on restricting myself 🙂

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  2. Hi Diana thank you for dropping by. I have been so very lucky to make friends with some wonderful people. They have done nothing but offer their full encouragement. I feel so blessed. I’m getting through the challenge because I am not focusing on just one story this time. I am editing my short story and also brainstorming new projects. 🙂


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